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Simple Ways to Show Your Parents You Care if You Live Away From Home

by Abdul Wafiy. |

When we were younger, we probably did not think too much about what our parents did on a daily basis and to show their love toward us. And that is okay– were were busy being a kid! Sometimes, we would think that our parents don't understand us and we would rebel against our parents requests during our teenage years. Little did we know that at times when they seem to be very strict, they just wanted the best for us.

Most of our parents would pretty much do anything to raise their kids into happy, respectable adults, from preparing for school every day to being a personal driver for any tuitions or extracurricular activities. Without letting us know, they do it out of love, sometimes, not expecting anything else in return.

Here are a few ways you can show your parents that you care even though you're miles away from home because no matter what the distance, there will always be ways to make them feel happy even the simplest things because they know that you've thought about them:

1. Share your life with them

It’s always great if to include your parents on what’s happening in your day-to-day life because parents often feel excluded from their children’s lives after their children are staying away from home or even because they are now 'adults'. For example, sharing with them who are your circle of friends, classmates or colleagues that you usually are with or even as simple as sharing a picture of your meals with them or asking simple advice about anything.

Asking for advice is the best way to show that you can count and trust them. Your parents would always be there to help you to make the best decision. Asking their opinion will cost you nothing because even if you cannot go for it for the good of your life, knowing the options from them will not harm you in any way.

2. Often call them

At the back of our minds, we know that this is simplest thing we could do but neglect to do so. It could just be as simple as calling them once or twice a week to ask them how's their day and it wouldn't take up much time compared to binge watching 4 episodes of Mindhunter on a Saturday afternoon. Woops.

Some parents may not enjoy talking on the phone so much, while the others might just prefer to just text. You'd be surprised that just 10 to 15 minutes of talking to them could make their day; ask them about their daily life and they will surely appreciate that you put them first.

3. Surprise them with gifts

No matter how old your parents are now, bringing or gifting them a simple surprise gift would make them happy, not only because they got something, but because they feel remembered.

You could send delivery surprise gifts such as a bouquet of flowers for their birthday or even a massage voucher on Fave for their wedding anniversary. If you know your parents well enough, the ideas will simply flow out of you. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money, but it's the thought that counts.

4. Visit them over the long weekends

There is nothing like spending quality time with your parents to show you value them. Make an effort to visit them especially during the long weekends or find the time for them despite your busy schedule especially for their birthdays. They will surely appreciate your company and although they might not let you know, they do feel lonely if you do not seem to remember to visit them. Drop by often whenever you can, buy them a meal, or even cook them one of your favourite meals you recently learned for them. It would be a great surprise for them, especially your mom!

5. Tell them how you feel

Everyone may assume that their parents would know that their children loves them (myself included. Guilty as charged). Although this is true, it will be nice to hear those five little words, ”I Love and Appreciate You” directly from their lovely children. Yes, although they say actions speak louder than words, but it is different when you actually let them know verbally or through text. Even if you're unhappy with them, let them know in a respectful manner

Letting your parents know that you love them whenever you can is the ultimate way to express your appreciation for them and I’m sure that you will amaze at how happy it will make them. Not the sentimental type? Do not be shy expressing yourself to them. You could just text them to let you know that you appreciate them.

It's high time for us to make it a priority to show your parents that you care about them after all the years of hardship and sacrifice of them raising us up.

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