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Simple Things You Can Do To Reconnect With Yourself

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

by Nurul Nadiah. |

“I need a break from this” — Have you ever told this to yourself? And agreed to the statement? If not, you should. Perhaps you’re too busy connecting with the environment, trying to blend in with everyone around you and forget to connect your body, soul, and every single part of you to yourself. You belong to yourself. What if you agreed to the statement but you did it wrongly? Reconnecting with yourself means to acknowledge your presence, your value and understand your worth in everything that you do in daily life. How do you do that? Here are some of the simple and little things that you can do to reconnect with yourself.

1. Taking deep breaths

Amid hectic events, we tend to forget to focus on ourselves. The very first thing that you can do to reconnect with yourself is taking a pause instead of a stop from the thing that you’re currently doing and just take a deep breath. It may sound pointless but it will help. Choosing to pause something that you’ve worked hard for is not going to make you lose because you can always continue to do it after you’re feeling better. If you continue doing something with an exhausted mind, that can be a self-torturing. Reconnecting with yourself by taking a deep breath means that you value yourself, you are alert over your body and you also appreciate yourself. A deep breath can contribute to mindfulness and pause the thing that is causing you to feel stressed out, so it will help you to reconnect with yourself.

2. Listing down the things that you are grateful for

Another simple thing that you can do especially when you’re not doing anything at the moment is by sitting in silence and asking yourself about the things that you’re grateful for. It is very beneficial because you also create an optimistic person inside you. Listing over the things that you are grateful for or happy for can help yourself to brighten your mood and acknowledge the things that can make you happy. Instead of listing in your mind, you can also journal your feelings because you can read them again in the future. Hence, you can also reconnect with yourself through this. Reading over your writings about your feelings can reconnect you with yourself mentally because you start to reminisce about the events and remember how you are as a person.

3. Taking a walk

Physical exercises or just taking a walk can also help to reconnect with yourself. Extra point, you get to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. A walk in nature can help because your mind can evaluate how wonderful God’s creations are and realising that you’re one of them. Appreciating yourself can always help to reconnect with yourself. Knowing what you want, your goals, and your weaknesses will help you to understand yourself more.

4. Picking up a hobby you left off

Everyone has at least one hobby in their life. Something that we want to do often because we enjoy it. And then when we start getting busy with responsibilities, we leave it. Be it reading, painting, or just eating, you can always choose to do it whenever you feel lost and distant from yourself. Take a moment, maybe 30 minutes out of your 1440 minutes or 24 hours just to do what you love or left. You will enjoy it and appreciate it once you finish it. Sometimes, a part of yourself needs to be reignited to reconnect with yourself.

5. Talking to your loved ones

What if you think you fail to reconnect with yourself by doing it alone? You can always choose to speak to others especially your loved ones. Parents are one of those who are the closest to you. Speak to them and ask them about how you were as a kid or as a teen, be it any part of you in the past. You can always laugh and cry over the memories because those are what built you up until the present day. By doing this, you spark joy and love yourself more. Even if you did bad things in the past, it doesn’t matter because you learned from it and you’re no longer that person. Practising this can help you to realise that you’ve gone through many things in life and this is where you’re connecting with your body physically and mentally.

There are many more simple things that you can do but as long as you’re trying, you’re one step closer to achieving what you want in life. The rule is not to be so hard on yourself. Explore many things, enjoy each moment in life, and learn to be yourself and only you.

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