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Should You Turn Your Creative Hobby Into A Committed Routine?

by Sarah Mary. |

It’s a regular Friday. The day goes by within seconds and what do you know? You’ve been sitting at your desk from 10am till 7pm doing nothing that inspires you. Did you hear a sound? That must have been your brain screaming at you for the torture. Absolutely nothing but work, work and more work. Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it necessary to build this powerful fort around yourself where you got to restrict yourself from doing something that you actually like?

We don’t need to do this in order to be ‘professional’ or to fit people’s standards. There’s a way in life to love your job, and everyone knows that once you start loving your job - then it ain’t a job anymore. It works like magic. FYI, job here can mean your homework, assignments, projects or even your work work life.

Psst! I’ll tell you how.

First off, you have to know on what’s your hobby. It's best to choose something that sounds creative for the sake of calling it a hobby. A hobby should be something that you would do without anyone reminding you or forcing yourself to do it. That’s just how it is.

My hobby is art. From sketching to design and basically anything relevant to art. I just say that my hobby is art whenever people ask me that question. It just makes things easier.

Let me take you back into a glimpse of my uninteresting life. At about 6 years old, I used to spend my time just drawing anything random that I like with Microsoft Paint.

Where the 90’s kids at? Y’all can relate.

Paint was the legend of our era. It made me happy. I drew ducks and sometimes dinosaurs that ended up looking like a sealion. We’ve all been there..

The years passed and I started drawing portraits and anime a lot. I was about in my teen years at this point. I did not make it a routine back then. Instead, I would just draw whenever I felt like it a couple of times in a week. You would guess that there’d be some improvement, but (sadly) there wasn’t any. *Cue the waterworks*

But I did not make my hobby a routine back then. I could blame it on so many things - on school, university or even work. I threw the blame on everything, but deep down we all know that it was me.

Let’s open our minds a little.

A hobby is something that we enjoy doing. I told myself, if I don't commit to it now, I'll be out of touch with my artistic side. So, I try my best to draw every day, regardless of what kind of art; if it’s just sketching or realistic portraits. I try my best to find the time to doodle or do art every single day.

Who am I doing this for?


Why am I doing this?

Because it’s something that I enjoy doing. I love it. It makes me feel calm and free.

The moment my hobby became my committed routine, it allowed me to feel relaxed every single day even if it was just for a while and I made tremendous improvements in my art.

Because I kept doing it no matter how bad or good it turned out and when you keep doing something, you get better at it.

I’ll show you what I mean.

(This image is from my Instagram when I did the 10 year challenge.)

You can see on how things change magnificently when you make your creative hobby a committed routine in your life. You can easily see on how sad my burger looked in 2009 and you can see on how beautiful my burger looks like now.

Whatever your hobby is, you could also make it a committed routine. Involve it into your busy schedule. Make it a priority. Whether your hobby is dancing, running, sewing, baking or anything, just do it as often as possible.

Trust me, you will see a better you and you will thank yourself. Maybe it’s time to get on your feet and start your journey! 😊

You may also find Sarah on her Instagram.

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