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Setia Negaraku: 5 Fun Facts About the Viral Patriotic Mash-Up

After a patriotic mash-up that perfectly captured the euphoria of the GE14 results went viral on social media, patriotic sentiments were of course, reignited. Aptly described as a song that was made "By Malaysians, For Malaysians", "Setia Negaraku" is a mash-up of the ever famous "Setia" by Francissca Peter and our national song, "Negaraku".

If you're looking for a song that portrays our struggles as a nation, the bittersweet feeling of it all and our deep love for our country, this is it!

Here are a couple of quick, fun facts about the popular video:

It was spearheaded by Malaysians with a lot of talent

For those of you who do not know, composer and music director Vale V Wong has a lot of awards under his belt- which explains how he and his team knocked the song and video out of the park! Among his achievements include and are not limited to the Mercedes Benz Creative Excellence Award 2017, Best Actor S+S Musical 2017, Audience Choice Award S+S Musical 2017, Best Libretto S+S Musical 2017, and Best Overall Production for "Home-From the Sky" S+S Musical 2017.

Editor Michael Chen starred in the hit local blockbuster "Tombiruo" as the baddie, Wong (ironic, I know).

Most of the singers are amateurs

There were 16 singers altogether and all of them are volunteers. Save for Vale himself, Samantha de Lune, Anrie Too and Cheryl Tan, all of the singers are amateurs.

Considering the notes that were belted out, this is hugely impressive!

It was recorded in four hours, with zero budget

There were many challenges that came with producing this video. For one thing, this project came at a time when the editor was irrationally busy at work; for another, they had limited time at the studio; and finally, both Vale and Michael didn't want to take advantage of anyone's time as they knew that the singers were doing it out of love.

Random "action cams", a Nikon P7800, Canon DSLRs, a Samsung S7 Edge, a Smartphone gimble, an iPhone X and a Nexus 6P were used in filming.

A lot of trust went into this video

Despite the minimal planning and resources that went into this video, Michael trusted that as long as people showed up and were unafraid to laugh, smile or speak, they would have excellent footage to use for the video.

Luckily for them, that was exactly what the singers delivered.

It is what it is; a passion project full of heart

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for people to view heavily edited videos and airbrushed images with a healthy dose of skepticism. Do these people really mean what they say when they endorse a certain product? Are they making money out of this? Are they trustworthy? Etc, etc, etc... The list simply goes on.

What makes "Setia Negaraku" stand out from the pack is that it is what it is; a passion project full of heart. As Michael puts it, it is simply meant to showcase "A bunch of Malaysians coming together, singing a song to represent how they feel right now, as Malaysians.”

Check out Vale V Wong

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