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Productive Week Night Activities for Busy Millennials

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

by Samantha Keo. |

I don’t know if it is just me but the hours in the day seems to be passing a lot faster these days and it is scary. I feel myself trying to fit in as much work during the day and as much fun and relaxing activities while still being productive in the evenings. As a millennial or Gen Y myself, I find doing two things in one go really helps!

1. Home weight workouts and watching a favourite documentary on Netflix

Documentaries are a must-have on my Netflix list and I have quite a few saved, the most recent ones are on witch huntings, the Auschwitz concentration camp, and medieval English queens. I try and balance that with a bit of hard work on my end as well by doing weighted workouts at home while my eyes are glued to the TV. It really helps with learning something new while also working on my physic and not turn into a couch potato!

2. Walking the dog and making it a cardio day

I hate doing cardio because I find it really hard to run on a treadmill while having the same view all the time. My husband and I got a dog recently and we walk her every day but I only go out sometimes and have allocated certain days to being my cardio days since my husband cannot run due to a knee injury. It really helps with motivating myself when I have a point to run to and achieve instead of running and the only things that moves are the timer and calorie count. Not to mention the view every few meters change as well and I get to meet other dogs.

3. Doing laundry while watching a sitcom

Since folding my clothes and hanging them takes a bit more effort on the eyes, I tend to watch sitcoms instead. I feel for sitcoms is a lot in the dialogue although actions do count as well it is really the lines that get to me.

Also, because they are not as important so I don’t mind missing a few things and letting it just be sound be in the background. That way the house isn’t too quiet for my “vivid” imagination.

4. Cooking while listening to your favourite podcast

I normally cook alone because if we are both there, the puppy comes in too and she can be quite nosy around hot pots and the fire – this is a very scary situation. I admit it can get a bit lonely but I am always paying attention to my flame if it's huge enough if I have already seasoned something before or heating up the pan or if my spaghetti is cooked to al-dente.

Then I found that I can also listen to podcasts while cooking to entertain myself – I can just let it play in the background and I don’t have to actually think. Sure, music is much more fun but with podcasts, I get to learn new things as well.

5. No phone-zone after 9:30pm and reading a book

This is relatively new to me and trying to implement this at home. The hardest part is putting my phone down when bedtime is approaching.

Maybe you don’t have to start at 9.30pm – it could be later but decide on a time that will give you enough sleep; basically give yourself a cut-off point to wind down. During this downtime, I opted to read a book instead. I feel that since we're so used to being glued to our phones, we are constantly flashed with immediate entertainment that keeping my attention to a book with no pictures or videos can be quite difficult. Since practising this, I find that it is easier to ease into a calm state of mind and then a lot easier to sleep compared to sometimes sleeping while the phone is still in my hand.

It is still possible to have fun and still be productive. Don’t forget to give yourself rest days too.

You may find out more about Samantha on her Instagram as well.

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