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Why You Should Practice Being Your Future Self

by Rajvinder Kaur. |

Are you one of those people who are still stuck in the past? Pinpointing the mistakes that you have made? Can’t seem to let go of certain memories? I’d like to highlight a quote by Dr Seuss that goes, “Only you can control your future”.

Before we go deep down on the why’s, let us first list down the things that we would like to tell our future selves. For instance, mine would be to be successful, to be financially independent, to travel the world, to try new things, to be selfless (but also a little selfish when it comes to myself), to publish a poetry book (I love writing), and to live every moment as if tomorrow does not exist. These are just to name a few. The list goes on because for us, perfectionists, we are just too greedy for everything.

Here are a few reasons why we should practice being our future self.

1. To maintain our health and well-being

By focusing on our future self, we will learn to take our health more seriously and not make bad choices that will put our health at risk. Set your health goals, whether it be drinking 8 glasses of water every day, eating ample fruits and vegetables, or exercising at least 3 times a week. After all, an active mind is vital for our well-being. Of course, certain health complications may come knocking on our doors no matter how careful we are, but setting health goals is a way to ensure that our body is constantly on track with wellness.

2. To ensure financial stability

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If we pay close attention to managing our finances now, we’ll be able to grow our savings over time. Start investing your money and not just let it rot in your savings account. Set boundaries for your own spending and only buy things that are necessary and long-lasting. By getting a stronger grip of your finances now, we can be ready for rainy days in the future. For instance, set a financial goal for both the short term and long term. If I had invested my money or saved it back then (being more aware of my spending and strict about saving a certain amount consistently), I would have an amount of money in my hands which can be used during a pandemic like this to weather the rainy days. If I was retrenched, I could still survive for a few months while searching for other job opportunities. I could also temporarily set aside my desires, such as to own a car or house, for that moment.

Smart managing of money as well as being flexible with your plans is truly important. The future you will be still financially independent even during a pandemic.

3. To gain more knowledge

We constantly make mistakes. It is an inevitable part of life. In order to learn, we have to read more books, whether it be self-help, self-motivation, or non-fiction. Think of it as learning from other people’s experiences that are poured into the many pages of a book. The amount of knowledge we have right now is like a pail of water compared to what we could gain; a vast ocean.

I realized the importance of this when I began reading a book written by a migraineur, as I have been suffering from migraine for 12 years. A neurologist was supposed to give me proper advice and remedies to soothe the triggers of my migraine. They didn’t. I was given pain killers instead. Through reading, I came to know how little I knew about migraines; the nutrients that could help me to reduce the attacks, the actual triggers (there are many)... I should have invested my money into books instead. If only I had known this earlier by reading, the future me would be pain-free and able to live the daily routine without calling in sick.

So, arm your future self with all the knowledge you can absorb.

4. To pick up and hone new skills

As I mentioned earlier, I want to publish a poetry book. But I know nothing about modern poetry. Through reading a few poets books, I found the keys. I observed their style of writing, their presentation, tone, and message that they were trying to portray in each of the poems. I learn from their work. Still learning and will always be learning. Every poet has something unique in them which differs from others.

In order to practice being my future self, I must also spend time and effort in being intentional in honing my skills to make this dream come true. This means writing even when it is difficult to write and constantly challenging myself to improve my skills. It may also involve me posting up my work online to overcome my fear of being judged or not being 'good enough'. Each person's process is different, but it all boils down to this: to do what is difficult and intentionally improve, no matter how hard it gets.

In short, up-skilling yourself in areas that you are interested in is never a waste of time.

In closing, know what you want your future self to be. Set general plans for it. As you work on it, you will discover more about yourself and begin to dig deeper. Don’t expect immediate results, but celebrate your progress no matter how small it is. You need to spend time practising and preparing for the future, even when there are more important things like your 9-5 job to take care of in the present. However, do remember to still live in the present and appreciate each moment you have! All things in moderation, right? Ultimately, we can be one step closer to our dreams if we learn to practice being our future selves from now on.

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