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Practical Gifts You Can Gift Your Significant Other for Valentines

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

by Crystal Lim. |

Gift-giving is a great part of life, it is always exciting to see get something for someone you care about and see as their faces light up with joy upon receiving it. Some people love buying gifts just as much as they enjoy receiving them; but is it possible to run out of gifts to buy? I don't know about you, but personally, after years of gifting when you're in a long-term relationship, you tend to run out of ideas. Plus, when you’re trying to save up and with the lack of storage, you really don't want to clutter the little space you have.

Maybe you’re racking your brains to think of what to gift your partner, or maybe you're the one who’s tired of receiving gifts you don't use but have no clue what to hint for your partner to get you. No matter which ends you are at, we're here to provide you with some alternative ideas for practical gifts during this loved-up holiday!

1. A quick getaway

Keeping in mind that the greatest gift of all for someone is time spent with them, things like a getaway or even a spa therapy together is a great treat for your loved ones. This not only takes up zero space at home, it even has benefits like stress relief and everlasting memories.

Understandably, you might not have time for a full-on vacation, but there are various gems in Malaysia that would be perfect for a short weekend getaway; if a little holiday treat is your plan for your partner this Valentine’s Day, we have a few articles that can help you plan them!

If your significant other is obsessed with massages (they work wonders when one has a busy lifestyle, really!) but doesn’t have the funds to justify a visit to the massage parlour every month, you might want to consider getting them a massage pillow at home. That way, each time they get home after a long tiring day at work, they get a nice, soothing back massage.

2. Gift Cards

Buying clothes can be a stressful affair when you're unsure of someone else's measurement, and it doesn't help that cuttings differ from store to store. However, if you’re really keen on getting them apparels, a gift card is the perfect alternative; your loved one can get something that fits them well and will definitely wear!

Image: RinggitPlus

If clothes are not your thing, there are many other gift cards ranging from food, entertainment and even gaming platforms! Haagen Dazs is a personal favourite as they come in RM10 and RM25 variations, you can purchase Netflix gift cards at RM50 or RM100 tiers in 7-11, and if your partner is into gaming, PS4 and Steam cards will definitely brighten their day!

3. Cook for each other

Food is a surely way to anyone's heart. On this special day, how about cooking up a special something for each other? For an extra touch of excitement, keep the menu a secret, or spend a little more on top-quality ingredients if you’d like something fancier. When the food is ready to serve, dim a few lights, light up some scented candles and on some background music for the ultimate ambience! It’s almost like you're fine dining out at a restaurant - minus the waiting, traffic jams, looking for a parking spot... you get the gist.

Plus, at the comfort of your own home, it can be a heartfelt experience for both you and your other half as you exchange deep, meaningful conversations; nothing more intimate than understanding each other more, right?

4. Credit Top-Ups

If your partner travels to work by car or even by train, another practical gift you could gift that lasts longer by topping up his or her Touch 'n Go to give them hassle-free travelling for the next month or so. Helping them think of the future is a great way to show love.

Image: Zing Gadget

At the end of the day, as cliche as this may sound, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving, regardless of what holiday it is. There isn't a need for roses, fine-dining, or candlelight dinners, we just need to show the person we're thinking of them. Most importantly, give each other your time and company, it surpasses any material gift. May you have a celebration filled with love this Valentine’s Day!

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