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Netizen says that children are expensive, please think carefully

Having children is expensive, but do you know exactly how expensive it is?

Sure, we all know that having children costs money, but not many of us know the precise figures that are involved in raising a child.

Luckily for us (both in terms of entertainment and actual knowledge, of course), popular figure Effi Saharudin decided to highlight this fact by replying to a stunned Twitter user's reaction to the price of baby formula.

RM164.55 for just a box of baby formula! Yikes!

To make things even more jaw-dropping, Effi went on to say that 5 boxes of baby formula equate to just a month's supply. If your wallet isn't heaving already, then get a load of the price of daycare...

... Starting at RM500 a month, we can already imagine how astronomically expensive it is to raise a child. Especially when you consider that these prices are just for baby formula and daycare alone. What about other stuff? Clothes, toys, diapers and the like?

Yup, you're looking at a pretty hefty bill right there. Not about to simply leave things at that, Effi went on to rant about how some parents behave irresponsibly towards their wives and children.

Source: @1Obefiend

Effi's message to everyone in a nutshell?

Children are expensive. So please ignore cultural pressure to have children early and plan your finances properly before deciding to have one. Children are human beings just like us; they deserve to receive the best care possible.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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