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#MyFirstTime: Wisdom Teeth Removal - A hell of a time!

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

That puffy cheek

Finally, I'm back and alive and I'm so grateful for that! I've gone through a very rough week of recovering from my wisdom teeth removal. This was one of the worst experiences I’ve had in my life and let me tell ya, if you don't have any wisdom teeth, or if they are not impacted, lucky you!

This was my first time getting my wisdom teeth removed! It hurt so much. I had three impacted wisdom teeth. Yes, three. They are all healthy but grew in the wrong direction. Whyyy. So because these three naughty fellas came out incorrectly, they caused me pain every now and then. In the long run, they could cause harm to my other teeth and gums, which would cause more pain and problems. Thus, I was advised by several dentists to remove them as soon as possible.

The first pain I had with one of my lower left wisdom teeth lasted for two weeks. I had high fever, my head hurt and my whole body felt weak. I was so in pain. I decided to go to the government hospital since the private clinic I found charged me around RM1500 per tooth, and since I had three, I decided to look for an alternative. Since my husband had a good experience at a government hospital for his wisdom teeth removal, I tried my luck, but at a different hospital.

Based on my experience, our government hospitals do give good service, but you as a patient need to be extremely patient. You need to come early, wait for long hours, get an appointment, come back again on another date, get a checkup, come back again on another date, then get surgery done (this may vary from person to person, case by case). But they are good! And guess what, it only cost me less than RM30! Thank you and God bless. :)

All this took me three months. The two weeks of pain was gone before my surgery and I entered the operation room with not pain, but fear instead. This was a stark contrast to my husband during his removal; he was so in pain and he was so relieved when they extracted his tooth, lucky him. My experience was the opposite. I was so stressed out knowing that it would be a scary procedure and a hell of recovery. I couldn’t think straight for two weeks before the surgery.

On the day of the surgery, I tried my best to not think about it at all haha but, God, luckily my pretty oral surgeon, Dr. Ding at Shah Alam Government Hospital was an angel. She briefed me on the procedure nicely and calmed me down. My husband had to wait outside and all I could think was that I wanted to see him as quickly as I could. Then the procedure began. She sedated me and that made me numb after a few minutes. The sedation itself was already painful. I was sedated three times, and the third one was ouch!

Then, I just closed my eyes because it was nerve-wracking to look at her with all the tools. I could hear everything she did but I couldn't feel anything, which was good. But gosh. She cut my gum and God knows what else (you may watch the video I shared at the end of my account below. The video is not mine, but it was something like that. The video is extreme. Only watch it if you have a strong heart). It was so hard for her to pull my tooth out. She even changed the tool she used because it couldn't pull my tooth out. Definitely a stubborn tooth. I just wanted it to be over as soon as possible.

After she managed to pull out the lower one, she numbed the upper tooth and pulled it out. The upper tooth was not as stubborn as the lower one, though. The lower one was a complete nightmare. My lower gum got stitched and phewww, I was done with the surgery. When I thought the nightmare was finally over, it unfortunately continued; not for 2-3 days like it would under normal circumstances, but for seven!

So I had the worst four days; I actually lost 4kg in that span of time. I had to stay in bed because I couldn’t do much. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t eat. I just closed my eyes and wished I wouldn’t wake up, because I was in extreme pain. My gum swelled badly, which caused my left cheek to swell like a balloon. I looked bad, I felt bad. I could barely talk. I also ran to the bathroom often to change the cotton wool that I had to bite on because my gum kept on bleeding like I was having period in my mouth lol. It was really uncomfortable and I was so quiet and so not the usual cheerful Sofia.

On top of the after effect of the surgery, the medication that I was on made me really sick. Sadly, the painkiller caused me nausea, drowsiness and it made me feel like I wanted to die or never ever wake up again. The medication also made food taste and smell awful. On the third day, the day I thought I ought to be better by, the opposite happened. I had to rush to a clinic and met with this helpful doctor, Dr. Nair from Qualitas, Shah Alam. After seeing how bad my condition was and understanding the circumstances, he prescribed a different medication and painkiller. I took his advice and replaced the medication due to the infection that occurred because my swelling didn't subside.

After taking the new antibiotics, God bless, I started to slowly recover. I was too afraid to take the painkiller, although I knew it is not the same type. I would rather live with the oral pain, although I had a hard time sleeping. I only had the appetite to start eating on the fifth day and I was really hungry; it was on that day I knew that I would gain that 4kg back easily lol. I'm glad my husband was there to support and look after me. Thank you for your care. Thank you too to those who wished me a speedy recovery and prayed for me.

On the eighth day, I got my gum unstitched. Dr. Ding said it would take about 4-6 weeks for the wounds to completely heal. Even now, I can still feel my left cheek throbbing and the pain causes me headaches every now and then. I'm feeling better now than I did seven days ago, but this was definitely one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I wish I don't have to repeat it, but I know I have to do it again one day for my right wisdom tooth arghhh. Wish me luck.

I wish you all the best if you are going to have your wisdom tooth extracted! If you’ve had your wisdom tooth removed, do share your experience in the Comment section below. I would love to read them. I hope my experience will help you be more prepared rather than make you worry. Everyone has different experiences, so don't worry too much, okay? Have a support system, be positive and be strong. Facing pain in life also teaches you to be more grateful for your life and health. Do what is important for you, your health and life. You can do this. We can do this.


Sofia Naznim

You can watch an example of impacted wisdom tooth removal here:


Only watch it if you're okay with watching extreme videos

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