• Melissa Kartini

#MyFirstTime: Live On TraXXFM

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

In our lifetime, we will experience plenty of “first times”. During our teenage years, most of us will probably experience our first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend, first breakup, first fight, etc.

During our young adult years, which is the stage I’m currently at right now, most of us will probably experience 50% of first times. First time moving out, first time breaking a rule, first job, first kid, etc.

The point here is, we are constantly growing, constantly learning, constantly trying to be better.

Well, I’m here to talk about my first time being live on national radio. I never – in a million years – thought that I would end up as a radio announcer for the first English radio station in Malaysia (TraXXFM). Why?

Because first of all, I come from a very traditional family where you take up accounting, medicine, law or something as fancy as that. Of course, I took up accounting because I love numbers and I’m actually good at accounting. I furthered my studies in the UK and got my MBA in Finance. I worked as a project manager in the UK after graduating university. After 2 years of being in that field, I realized that it isn’t for me – AT ALL! Sure, I learned a lot from it but I couldn’t see myself as one anymore. After consulting with my dad, I decided to come back to Malaysia to see what I could do.

I was unemployed for almost 4 months. I was scared, obviously. But one day, I heard that TraXXFM was looking for new radio announcers. I went for the audition, sweating bullets because I’d never ever done anything like that before. I did it anyway. In December 2016, what do you know?

I got the job!

At the start of 2017, after training for a month, my boss decided to give me my own show. Here’s how my first day went:

My hands were shaking. My voice was probably trembling although my friends and family didn’t think so. My bones felt like they were about to break. My heart was pumping so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

See – I’m not really good at public speaking – never was – until now, that is. Fair enough, when I was in the studio, no one was there except myself. But knowing people in the country are listening to you speaking, the thought of that scared me to my very core.

However, I will never forget the first day I went live on radio. People in this industry have told me that “a talent will always remember his/her first AND last show”.

My first sentence on air, I will always remember.

“Hey, what’s up? It’s who else but Els. And I’ll be keeping you company all the way till 5pm today, right here on TraXXFM.”

Of course, after celebrating my first anniversary back in January, many have told me that I’ve improved so much from my first show – which is always a plus because everybody wants to improve. But even up till today, it’s still surreal that I get to interview people, celebrities and be a part of something amazing. I don’t think I will ever forget this “first time”.

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