• Melissa Kartini

#MyFirstTime: Getting on the Bus

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

So, this was my first time.

Yeah, my first time getting off the train. Oh, I’m kidding. But, almost to the point. It was my first time getting on board, on the bus, I mean. Growing up, I never got on the bus to go home, not even when I was in school. Even during my high school years, my parents picked me up from school since it was not really far away.

So it was pretty much a fear for me.

I remember, during the very first week after I got into the college for Foundation studies, my friend and I were going out to buy tickets to go home. On Friday or Saturday, I don’t really remember. The thing is, it was really, really packed. The bus. It was so packed like a sardine can (that’s what people always said).

I was just learning how to get on the rapid bus, how to go to the bus station, how to buy tickets, and even how to go back to college.

So there you go. After getting through the crowd (with the mixed gender and so on, and I just cannot understand how the bus driver could even let the bus be so packed), we finally made it to the bus station and bought myself a ticket.

And then, we just went for a little shopping at a nearby supermarket.

As we were going back, even the wait was somehow torturous. It’s because if we miss the

bus, we would have to wait for another hour for another bus.

Well, alhamdulillah. When we were going back to college, it was not really packed. I was so grateful. If not, I might have had my first kiss with the bus window.

Later, I had to wait at another bus station to go home. It was the TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan), where I had to get on the rapid bus, then get on the commuter train, exchange trains, and head back home.

It was also my first time going back from the TBS. Well, as expected, I was quite scared of going alone. Being anxious almost all the time, the fear of getting lost. Lol.

When I was supposed to exchange trains, I even called my sister (she’s used to this kind of thing) to ask if I was getting on the right platform and the right train. Such a nervous girl.

I was able to get on the bus on time. I’m not finished yet, though. As I was approaching the last terminal stop (which was Melaka Sentral), I supposed to call my parents about 30 minutes beforehand. But I called them quite late and I’d already reached the terminal stop.

Then, they asked me to get on the Panorama bus (it is a domestic bus in Melaka) to go home.

So, I was like, “What??”

I never got on it before and I didn’t know how to get there, which one was my bus, how much was the price fare, which way the bus was supposed to go through, when was I supposed to ring the bell??

I had a lot of questions in mind.

Nervous, trembling, and anxious. No need to ask, I was like that. I was so fearful.

Oh, and I forgot to add. I almost cried when they asked me to go back using the Panorama bus, because I was scared.

What a nerdy, scaredy cat of a girl I was.

That’s all for #MYFirstTime of growing more mature. Haha. I mean, getting the experience.

Oh, and for your information, the new “me” is much better because I am now able to go back home or anywhere alone. In other words, I can just discover the way by myself and be independent. Not really a scared girl anymore.

Well, I’ve grown, haven’t I? Haha.

Anyway, don’t be scared to discover new things in your life. Pluck up the courage and just do it!

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