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#MyFirstTime: Ayuni Haris Hits the Silver Screen for the First Time!

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

1. Hi, Ayuni! First of all, do tell us a little bit about yourself.

My full name is Nurul Ayuni Asyiqin Bt Haris. I am 24 years old and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor in Performing Arts (drama) at University of Malaya. I’m the third child out of six children in my family. I’m from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I am also a freelance model, social media influencer and actress.

2. Can you share 3 facts about yourself that most people don’t know about?

- I obsessed with the colour pink. 😍

- I’m scared of cats. 😭

- I’m a clingy person.

3. We know that you are a film student. What inspired you to major in this field?

My dad because he is both a really good multitasker and a radio announcer. I really want to be like him one day. 😍

4. Congratulations on your debut in Enjin No. 9. Can you tell us more about this film?

It is a heartwarming family movie that touches on topics like the love between a grandfather and his grandson. It is full of joy, and also full of humour. Basically, it is about a family in Negeri Sembilan. You have to watch it to find out more. ;)

5. How was your experience shooting a movie for the first time?

I was really excited but also very scared! I was so nervous when it first played on screen in front of the audience who came to watch the premiere! But I was also very happy because I knew that I gave my best effort throughout the whole process of shooting the movie.

6. How did it feel watching yourself on the big screen for the first time?

It was slightly awkward, and I couldn’t help but to smile and blush because deep down, I am a very shy person.

7. What was it like to work alongside so many other talented actors and actresses?

It was an amazing experience because they were so helpful and shared a lot of knowledge and their experiences of being in the film industry.

8. What is your advice for aspiring young actors and actresses trying to succeed in this field?

- Being disciplined in whatever you do because it is the key to becoming a successful actor and actress. Also, it is very important to not forget to respect your seniors and always remember who you are.

- My principle in life is to push yourself to always do better and not stay complacent. I stand strong by the Malay proverb, “paksa diri bukan manjakan diri”.

9. Can you share with us your biggest goal as an actress?

- To continue starring in more films.

- To do my best in the upcoming telemovie with Bront Palare and Nabila Huda in “Toyol”. I’m really excited about this because this will be my first telemovie on HBO channel. 😍

- I really want to act in a superhero movie like the movie series, “The Avengers”. 😂

- I also dream about acting with my favourite actor of all time, Hindi movie star Shah Rukh Khan. 🙈


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