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#MyFirstTime: As a Jumping Fitness Instructor

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Well, I have to say, that in a regular lifetime, a person will have many, many "first times".

First time in school. First time on a date. First time at a work interview. First time falling in love. First time (and final time!) getting married. First time for all the first times!!

Likewise, I have many first times... but my first time standing in front of a crowd, getting ready to lead a fitness class beats all my other first times, hands down... or maybe, I should say, feet down.

You see, I am a qualified and trained lawyer. A senior one at that. I can stand in front of a panel of five Court of Appeal judges and argue my client's case until the cows come home and my heart would not miss a beat. Why? Because I am a trained litigator. It is all in a day's work.

And then I went to challenge myself. Taking on a completely different course of things... I signed up to be a certified trainer in Jumping, a high intensity low impact trampoline fitness program.

Yes. You read that correctly. What business does a lawyer have "studying" to be a certified instructor? And yes, I do have a Diploma that really does proclaim I am such; a certified Jumping instructor.

Well, back to the topic at hand - My First Time leading a group of ladies on mini trampolines, Jumping, had me pouring over my basic training manual in a manner akin to “getting up” ... a fancy lawyerly term meaning preparing for a case... a week before my designated classes.

And then there was that list of 28 songs.

My First Time choosing and preparing songs for my two classes lasting 45 minutes each. I think I drove my whole family up the wall because every waking minute, every possible place with a mp3 thumb drive player, every chance I got, I blasted those 28 songs over and over and over again. And again.

On top of that, My First Time choreographing the jumps for those 28 songs. From warm-up to cardio to oh yeah, high intensity stomping, rebound... Jumping in all its glory!

But I then discovered I cannot for the life of me, remember my own choreographs for all those songs! Well, not from the tip of my fingers or from the top of my head, that is. And so, like all good, capable litigators do, I made notes in my little notebook in the traditional way - written with a pen on paper bound in a book.

My First Time leading a group of ladies in Jumping finally came and there I was, tablet plugged into the sound system, notebook open, training manual all memorised and as I stood upon the mini trampoline, six pairs of eyes looking right at me, I could hear my Master's voice in my head (no, I was not delirious with stage fright): “Make eye contact... engage your students... pay attention to everyone, not only the front-liners...” And my mind went... no, not blank... it went:




The music was on and hey hey hey... we were Jumping and having fun and our hearts were all a-pumping pumping!!

My First Time as a Jumping Fitness instructor was a supremely exhilarating experience like no other and goes down as one of the best First Times in MY book.

Oh, and by the way, this is My First Time writing for a website too and it has been fun sharing my first times. I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to many, many other First Times!

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