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Must-Haves in Your Work Bag That Might Make Your Life Easier

by Natasha Lim. |

Are you grinding through the weekdays, hoping that time would go faster till the weekends? Sighing and snoozing your alarm every morning? Well, either you love it or you hate it, having a job (or jobs!) is the only way you’re going to pay those bills. Fret not!

Here is a list of things that might just make your work life that much better and easier that you can bring along in your work bag:

1. Journal and Pen

Image: @whimsigirldsgn Notebook from ana tomy

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and come across art accounts that make just the most beautiful bullet journal layouts? Well not only is it pretty, but its functional as well! With a journal, you are able to be more organised by planning your schedule and distributing your day-to-day tasks evenly. Never miss a dateline ever again! (P.S. Go wild and decorate it to your heart’s desire! It’ll also act like painkiller when you’re feeling stressed out)

Also, never go anywhere without a spare pen, even if you don't want to carry around a notebook. Avoid embarrassing moments where you’re needed to sign something or jot down something important, only to find out that you don’t have a pen. Keep a spare one in the mini compartment of your work bag.

2. Mints

Small, but mighty. These tiny breath mints pack a punch when you’re going to a meeting or pitching an important idea to your team. While we know that we all need a cup of coffee before that big meeting, presenting with a coffee-smelling breath wouldn't be too pleasant. Keep a tiny tin of mints in your work bag and don’t let bad breath stop you!

Plus, if you're a person who gets car-sickness easily, pop in a mint and it would help soothe and ease the giddiness during your Grab car rides.

3. A pouch with travel-sized toiletries

Find it here on Shopee.

Sometimes there will just be days where it’s either extremely hot and humid or cloudy and damp. Packing travel-sized toiletries will come in useful when you least expect it. A few examples that you can bring along with you to work are;

· Comb

· Compact mirror

· Sanitary pad, plasters, tissues

· Dry shampoo (one of my personal favourites to combat oily hair!)

4. Healthy Snacks

There will always be that season where deadlines are due, and you might have back-to-back meetings. Often times you may even find yourself too busy to head out to get a meal on time! This is where snacks would come in handy - like nuts, energy bar etc. One of the many benefits of bringing your own snacks besides convenience is you will always have it whenever and wherever.

The bright side of having healthy snacks is that you won't feel as guilty compared to binging on potato chips and cup noodles. Just don’t fall into the rabbit hole of getting too many good tasting, healthy snacks! 😉

5. 'Emergency' accessories

The first is of course, a hair tie, every long-haired girl’s best friend. A simple and chic way to get your hair off your face and at the same time making your feel more comfortable and confident in facing the rest of your work day. Hair ties will always come in handy when it gets more humid, it’s especially essential to have in your work bag!

Source: Shopee

Other than that, a tip would be to bring along a statement pair of earrings or a necklace. It could come in handy when would need to run to a last minute meeting or event and you don't have time to go home for an outfit change. Instead, jazz up your outfit with these statement accessories - you'd be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.

6. Hand Sanitizer

Image: Bath & Body Works

Being sick is no fun, especially when you have a lot that needs to be done at work. One moment you’re healthy and well, next thing you know you caught the flu! Although sometimes inevitable, you can still protect yourself from germs and viruses by using hand sanitizer! After washing your hands, typing on your keyboard, or even after shaking hands with your potential client! (Maybe don’t use it right after shaking their hands). There are many kinds of hand sanitizers to choose from, gel, spray, scented, you name it!

Check out these from Bath & Body Works. (Available in-stores only)

7. Reusable shopping bags

You may check out this net bag here.

In the spirit of protecting our Earth, why not switch plastic bags to reusable shopping bags? A net bag would come in handy for your after-work grocery shopping trips or for food, drinks! Here are some cute looking ones that you can store perhaps your folders or that leftover takeaway you had from lunch.

8. Collapsible cup

This isn't entirely a "must-have" for every one but it's great to have if you're a bubble milk tea or coffee lover - especially if you're always on-the-go. With a collapsible cup, you'll not be able to get your fix but help to eliminate the use of single-use packaging (You can also double it as a water bottle). The great thing about a collapsible cup is that it doesn't weigh much and

Check it out here.

There you have it! Some of these items could be useful to you and some of these items might be in your work bag already. Let us know in the comments which is your one must-have in your own work bag that you can't live without!

You may find out more about Natasha from her Instagram as well.

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