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Must Have Pieces To Wear at A Smart Casual Workplace

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

by Iqaa Lee.

Source: Pinterest

If you’re reading this right now, I’m sure you must be working in a smart casual working environment figuring out how to expand your wardrobe perhaps? A smart casual dress-code could be little bit tricky for some; afraid looking too casual. Some companies may define smart casual as a slightly more toned down professional dress code whereby you would still need to wear bottoms not above knee-length but that’s a rare case. Most companies would allow you to wear your everyday clothes as long as it looks presentable.

Even if you’re able to wear more casual clothing in your workplace, it’s also best to stray away from wearing just slippers, a round collared tee and your casual jean shorts. But fret not, you would still be able to look versatile and put together when matching with the right pieces.

Here are a few must-have pieces we think you should have in your wardrobe if you’re working at a smart casual workplace:

1. A Patterned Blazer.

Source: Doublewoot

A blazer is pretty much every working female’s life saver if you have any last minute client meetings. You just can throw anything underneath like a plain white shirt or a neutral coloured blouse and you’re ready to go! Pair it with any pair of jeans or simple black pants. It’s a full-proof outfit that you know will always look polished.

What more, if you opt for a patterned blazer in a gingham or striped print, you would not only look more professional even in your smart casual wear but gives you a bit more personality.

Tip: A co-ord 2 piece blazer set set will instantly allow you to appear more polished with minimal effort. Plus, you could wear both pieces separately with other items.

2. Button Down Shirt.

Source: H&M

It's hard to go wrong with a button down shirt. It might sound like your typical formal wear, but when you pair it with a pair of jeans or coloured pants, it will turn your whole outfit into a more casual look. Even on your lazy days, you just can throw them with any pants or even a skirt.

Tip: You could do a half-tuck and style it with a statement accessory piece like a belt and layer a few dainty necklaces.

3. Loafers.

Source: Kiss & Tell

When it comes to shoes, it might be a little bit tough to figure out what counts as smart casual and what counts as professional while feeling comfortable 9-5 at the same time. Loafers are in between both grey areas. You can wear them for various occasions and they are easy to slip in and out of! Loafers are a step up from flats, but you would still feel comfortable than a pair of heels - plus it is cute and gives you that added vintage touch.

4. Straight Cut/Mom Jeans.

Source: Pull & Bear

As opposed to a pair of skinny jeans, the straight cut gives a more casual yet sophisticated vibe if paired with the correct tops and accessories. It’s great to pair with a button-down top, a graphic tee with a blazer. It’s a very versatile piece to pair with many different tops!

Tip: Wear a pair of chunky sneakers with cute ankle socks to add some personality to your look.

5. Cardigans.

Source: Uniqlo Malaysia

There are many types of cardigans - long cardigans, belted cardigans, zipped cardigans and many more. Yes, we know that cardigans may sound like “granny” thing, but with the right type of styling, it could be one of the most comfortable-chic approved outfits! Plus, it keeps you warm especially when your workplace feels like the North Pole.

Tip: You could double-up your regular cardigan as a top on its own by tucking into a pair of jeans or skirt.

6. A Midi Skirt

Source: Zalora (Pomelo)

A midi skirt is the final item on our list of staples for us as it can be easily dressed up or down. You could pair it with a button down top for a more put together look or a plain graphic tee to make it more casual.

We hope we’ve given you some sort of inspiration & some ideas if you’re looking for some new clothes and accessories to add in to your wardrobe to look more presentable & professional in your smart casual outfit.

What are your must-haves in your wardrobe? Let us know.

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