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Modern Family's Sarah Hyland Furious at Twitter Users for Trolling Cousin's Death, Leaves Twitter

Guys, always remember that even though all those avatars on the screen may seem like just pictures to you, remember that there actual human beings behind each of them.

Recently on 4th December, Sarah Hyland of popular tv series sitcom "Modern Family" decided to step away from Twitter after harsh criticism following the death of her cousin, who was killed by a drunk driver in Nebraska.

Her cousin, Trevor Canaday, 14, died Saturday evening after another vehicle ran a red light and collided into the car he was in. Despite wearing a seatbelt, Canaday was ejected from the car.

Hyland's uncle, Clifford Canaday, 59, who was driving the car at the time sustained serious head injuries and was admitted to Nebraska Medicine.

The "Modern Family" star asked her Twitter followers to pray for her family, and then urged them to donate to her cousin's family, adding a link to the donation page right after. Unfortunately, the reaction she received wasn't all positive.

While she had plenty of supporters, there were also plenty of unpleasant comments, most of which involved condemning the star for asking for donations.

Many of the Twitter users stated that she shouldn't have asked for donations when she receives a healthy income from "Modern Family".

Source: @Sarah_Hyland

Before taking a break from social media, Hyland used her Twitter account to mourn over her cousin's death.

"Yesterday my 14 year old cousin was killed by a drunk driver named Jeffrey Eggerling," she tweeted on 3rd December at 5:39 AM. "My Uncle is in the hospital awaiting more surgeries. PLEASE keep your prayers with my family during this horrific time. And please DONATE."

A few minutes later at 5:42 AM, Hyland tweeted, "JEFFERY EGGERLING had two prior DUI's and tried to RUN from the scene of the crime after hitting my Uncle's car SO fast that my 14 yr old cousin, who was wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from the vehicle. JEFFERY EGGERLING is a murderer. May he rot in hell."

Eggerling was reportedly found on foot a short distance away from the accident. Reports state that Eggerling had both a stench of alcohol on his person and slurred speech.

Since the accident, Eggerling has been charged with motor vehicle homicide.

Hyland's cousin and uncle were driving to a show choir event when the accident occurred.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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