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5 Modern Batik Fashion Stores You Should Check Out

by Dewi Ridzuan. |

It’s hard to preserve our Malaysian culture, especially when other countries’ cultures are becoming increasingly popular. Batik was once worn daily by everyday Malaysians, but it seems that we have lost touch with that tradition. It has led to the dissipation of our love and appreciation for it.

However, more businesses and individuals have popped up to reignite our passion for batik. Batik is now reproduced either by going down the modern route of using machines that can print in bulks to the extensive time taken by traditional blocking or the ‘canting’ technique. So, if you want to feel more connected to your roots, check these shops out!

1. Ann Zahid Creations

Strut your best fit and preserve national heritage at the same time by rocking a pair of Ann Zahid’s Batik Sneakers.

Source: Ann Zahid Creations

What started out as a genuine community project by a group of friends, family and some local artisans later became a business for a noble cause. What you see in this picture is just one example of the Malaysian Hand-Blocked Batik Sneakers by Ann Zahid!

These exclusive Batik-printed shoes are created by using the hand-block technique. It may sound easy but the curing process of Batik dye and paint takes quite some time. Every pair is done with much effort and attention to detail. As it is Batik, not all prints are the same so each pair of sneakers are unique and one of a kind!

If you want to chup a pair yourself, head over to their Instagram page! Oh, they have sizes for both adults and children!

2. Brava Batik

They may seem like newbies to the business world, but Raz Bahari’s Brava Batik has a modern take on how to wear this cultural fabric!

Source: Brava Batik

Have you got a brunch meet to get to at some atas place but you’ve got nothing to wear? Brava Batik sells batik pieces in the form of dresses! Many of their dresses are reversible - meaning that you can wear it either the normal way or inside out without its seams showing. Their dresses aren’t strictly the typical cut like this one, so it’s definitely another version of the Batik we haven’t seen before!

Caution to Muslim readers - their dresses are not really Hijab friendly, but you can still wear an inner or tights underneath! Brava Batik’s pieces can be found at EdaBeran’s website, or at pop-up stores so do keep an eye out for when they announce their next location on their Instagram page!

3. Gerson Batik

You may or may not have seen their ads on Instagram, but if you haven’t then let me introduce to you why Gerson Batik is leading the game!

Source: Gerson Batik

This brand specializes in custom-made Batik, but they also sell ready-made ones and neckties too! Their unique pieces are all tailored locally and have a modern twist to the designs. Expect to find fits like Batiki high-slit skirts, sleeveless tops, dresses and more. Although they do sell at a higher price point (for example, their tops generally start at RM69), be rest assured that the quality and service is top-notch!

At first glance at their website, you may think their clothing line is not Muslim friendly. However, you can always get them to tailor your outfit to how you’d like it to look as that is their main service there! So don’t shy away and place your order on their website now!

4. Oh Dayang

Clay earrings have become such a popular category on social media channels, so why not Batik earrings, right?

Source: Oh Dayang

With Oh Dayang, you may want to restrain yourself as you may just buy their entire store out! They have a range of designs to choose from - you could get Batik-wrapped hoops, bangles, statement necklaces and more! They, of course, come in all sorts of colours so it’s the right pop of colour you need to complete your look.

Their products generally go for RM39 a pop, which is a fair price as you’re supporting a local creative! If you want to get some Batik in your life, head over to their Instagram page.

5. Darlin’ KL

Darlin’ KL really knows how to make you feel like a gorgeous doll with their trendy and lit modern twist on Batik outfits!

Source: Darlin’ KL

They’re known for their modern twist on Batik and incorporating it into daily wear akin to those Instagram ‘baddie inspo’ fits. Examples would be their Batik Corset Tops, Batik Bandeaus, front-ring headbands and more! They also create beautiful custom styles based on requests, many have commissioned custom two-piece outfits from them and they turn out insanely pretty. Do slide into their Instagram DM’s or WhatsApp them to enquire about an order!

These local creatives are really on a different level, and it’s great that they’re allowing the general public to join them too! Next time you have some formal event to go to, try giving Batik out a try as traditional wear is still accepted. No more worrying about whether to go the with the traditional outfit or the modern suit and dress as you can do both now!

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