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Malaysian Edition: Valentines' Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

by Emily Goh

Now that CNY is coming to an end, we have something else to look forward to and get excited about, which is Valentines’ Day!

As much as we all complain and rant about how commercialised this celebration has become, especially with overpriced flowers and restaurants, and the awkward competitive feeling of trying to outdo each other on Instagram by showing off gifts etc.

Nevertheless, there is a certain magic that this occasion brings, especially in the actual substance of celebrating the existence of our loved ones in our lives.

After all, is another excuse to shower some extra sayang to our loved ones, be it family members who have cheered us on through life, or our significant other who has stuck with us through thick and thin, or even our best friends who have seen the worst of us and still love us unconditionally.

Writing this with Zee Avi’s hit “Just You and Me” playing in the background, we give you a list of gift ideas from our own homebred Malaysian brands.


1. Food Inspired Skincare from By Eggs

Honestly though, how cuteeeee is their packaging?! Just looking at it can instantly brighten up your mood!

Not only it comes in this super cute and bright packaging, which is an amazing presentation for a gift, but this proudly Malaysian brand is also inspired by the food we eat that nourishes our bodies, By Eggs product aims to provide all the goodness of these ingredients to supple and healthy skin we all deserve.

2. High Quality Matte Liquid Lipstick from Orkid Cosmetics

If you know a girl who cannot live without her lipstick, and you will find her constantly searching for that shade she “really really needs”, this is the perfect gift for an addict like her.

Made with high-quality ingredients that are cruelty free and vegan, this lipstick brand is a popular one among Malaysians.

This gift would be a perfect way to pamper your girlfriend with a matte lipstick that stays and will not make your lips feel dry and icky like many others.

3. Badass Candles from AHRC

Have you ever felt like when you are shopping for scented candles for your girl, and everything just seems too corny and generic?

AHRC has got your back. This Malaysian made hand-poured soy wax candle that is of top notch quality allows you to customise your message on the bottle.

Whether you want it to be mushy, cheesy, or even cheeky (we won’t tell, shhh!), you can give this to literally light up their life (geddit geddit?!).


1. A classy timepiece from MALAYA

We all know it is difficult to buy your man something that they need and will want to use it every day. As watches are known to be a man’s best fashion piece, this is the perfect gift to show your love.

Designed with industrial minimalism and military functionality, their watches showcase a classy and timeless piece of accessory that will accentuate your man’s looks.

Standing up for the freedom of choice, Malaya watches comes with interchangeable straps that allow you to modify your signature timepiece according to your mood and occasion.

2. An Amazing Shaving Experience from Shaves 2U

Not often talked about, we know how much time the man in our life spends shaving his facial hair to look dapper for us. So what better way to pamper him with a complete shaving kit that comes with blade cartridges, a useful swivel handle that promises a smooth finish, shave cream to prevent him from getting cuts and burns, and an aftershave cream to finish it all off with a fresh and clean feeling?

With products that complete his entire shaving experience, he will definitely know you are the girl he needs in his life who cares for his needs.

Shaves 2U is having a Valentine's Day Promotion until 14th February - 25% off their Awesome Shave Kit!

Just make sure to key in the promo code before your check out:

Malaysia: VDAY25MY

Singapore: VDAY25SG

3. A Fun Board Game Night from The Lepak Game

Okay. As girlfriends, we know our boyfriends need their time with their “boys”.

If you want to give him a gift to show how much you love him and want him to enjoy his time out with his friends, this is the best gift.

Known as the Malaysian version of “Cards Against Humanity”, this card game will bring lots of fun and laughter for all the true Malaysians at heart.

Not just for him to play it with his friends, you can also play this card game on your next double date to spend quality time as compared to staring at your phones.


If you are one of those couples whose love language is spending quality time way over receiving gifts, maybe you can go for an activity together that you will both enjoy.

Valentine Craft & Sip with MAKE

MAKE is organising a super duper fun filled evening for couples or even best friends to come together to enjoy making craft work like making concrete pen holders, resin coasters or even string art love puns to hang in your room; while enjoying a glass of wine together.

You do not need any prior experience in making crafts, and all the supplies will be provided, all you need to do is attend and enjoy yourself, and their team will guide you through the projects at your own pace.

We have a little surprise for you! If you purchase the session with the promo code of “MAKEXCRUNCH”, you are entitled to a RM 20 off! So go on and sign up now!

Edit: Giveaway has ended. Announcement was done on our Instagram Story


The "For Her" kit

The "For Him" kit

Of all the gifts mentioned above for both “FOR HER” and “FOR HIM” list, we are bringing you a specially curated Crunch Valentines Day Kit with ALL (yes, you read the right) the products!

If you would like to win this kit for your loved ones (either your SO or your BFF, or even your family members), all you need to do is the below:

1) Like & follow @CrunchbyNuffnang on Instagram.

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3) Tag ALL the brands from the kit you would want to win for yourself/your loved one. (Ensure your profile is public).

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5) Comment below on “Why do you (or your loved one) deserve to win the kit” and tag the person you would want to win for.

Contest ends 13 February 2019, 5pm.

We will pick the sweetest stories for 5 giveaway each!

Good luck!

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