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Malaysian Contemporary Homeware Brands You Should Check Out

by Summer Tan. |

As Malaysians, we tend to stumble upon situations where we feel our go-to option for home décor goods is probably IKEA, Kaison or SSF. Whether or not it’s for food containers, kitchenware, pillows or furniture, we often just end up with another trolley of generic products almost every other household would have.

Fret not, if you’re looking for some of the best, creatively designed, unique and personal homeware goods or items to boost the look and feel of your home, this article is for you – whether or not you’re Malaysian, most of these options provide worldwide delivery, so there’s nothing to worry about!

1. Nala Design

Image: Nala Design

If you're a fan of bedding and such, Nala has got you covered with their pillow case prints, coasters and even oven gloves! Nala translates Asian and Malaysian culture into intriguing patterns and prints which is then used as fabric, wallpaper, home-ware, clothing and much more. It captures the essence of Malaysia’s diversity through the never-ending transformation over the past years, encapsulating the spirit of tradition and mesmerizing clusters of the past.

Nala is now one of the quickest growing Malaysian brands in the local community as they are known to supply their products in malls, pop-ups, retail spaces, through online shopping and spaces that boast the creative side of Malaysians.

2. Bingka KL

Image: Bingka KL

Specialising in silkscreen printing of original brand designs, Bingka promises to enrich living spaces by providing products ‘where traditional aesthetics meet contemporary living.’

Bingka hand-makes one of a kind home décor products and accessories in collaboration with local communities to craft very Malaysian-inspired items. With products like their famous ‘kuih’ pillows, colonial house printed tea towels and even silkscreened recyclable tote-bags, there’s almost nothing to love about Bingka’s constantly updating designs and products.

3. Arcadia Kuala Lumpur

Image: Arcadia Kuala Lumpur Facebook

Arcadia offers quality memorabilia pieces while preserving a history of great design. Arcadia KL supplies their very own record player in bursting colours, sure to pop-up any living space, pinball machines, functioning Vintage Batavus Bicycles and even the most classic furniture and clocks.

For anyone who loves classic and quirky, Arcadia is your one-stop site for any of the quirkiest collectibles. Even if you’re not a fan, Arcadia is always worth the visit and could, very possibly make you fall in love with the old-fashioned, peculiar style!

4. Bentuk Bentuk

Image: Bentuk Bentuk

‘Bentuk-Bentuk’, serves as a creative platform for 2 individuals, who decided to start their very own business specialising in handmade concrete décor. From pots and planters to jewellery organizers, they’ve clearly put their heart and soul into crafting these everyday, functional items from pots and planters, desk & jewellery organisers and even lighting!

The marble pattern and finish surely gives an extremely aesthetic touch, something that’s sure to catch the eyes of your guests, or even for your everyday eyes as it enhances the detailing of your living space.

Not only that, Bentuk-Bentuk’s goods are great as house-warming or office party gifts suitable for almost any interior!

Bentuk Bentuk is also available on Etsy.

5. Studio Bikin's Kedai Bikin

Image: Kedai Bikin

Studio Bikin is a design-based studio focusing on architecture, interior design, spatial planning, landscaping and product design.

Kedai Bikin, on the other hand, is another business of the owners which focuses on furniture design like common home fittings, chairs and tables. Not only are the designs exclusive and different, their take on furnishing preserves artisanal quality at a reasonable price.

6. The Great Indoors

Image: The Great Indoors

Looking for things that will give your home a rugged vibe? Or are you unsure of the things that seems missing from your living space?

The Great Indoors's products bundles together tradition and culture with contemporary aesthetic. They supply even wall hooks and similar fittings, graphically designed posters, soft furnishing such as throws and floor mats, vintage storage components and of course, home décor.

This shopping space is perfect for anyone who is looking to bring home something out of the box to impress guests or to top off empty tabletops. And don’t worry, everything available at The Great Indoors are priced very reasonably.

7. Mad3 Studio

Image: Mad3 Studio

Being featured on Naiise MY, a platform of curated local designers and artists, Mad3 has made it to become one of the few handcrafted furniture-loving brands by many. Like many other brands, their goal is to bridge tradition with modernity. However, if you’re well caught up with Malaysia and it’s deep history, you will be able to identify the similarities and the renditions and interpretation of very traditional and classic furniture transformed into new looks, fresh taste and specific collections of furniture by Mad3.

Mad3 uses colour, design principles and clearly, takes inspiration from the classics to design seats, chairs, stools and benches, most commonly using powder-coated black tubular steel and coloured PVC cords, showing it’s uncanny similarity to the rattan chair.

Their prices can go as low as RM200. So, depending on your budget, their various selections will probably accommodate to your interior design needs.

8. Nom Nom Plush

Image: Nom Nom Plush

Noms have some of THE. MOST. ADORABLE. food-themed plush. As an alternative of consuming the heavy calories, Nom Nom Plush came up with the idea of stuffing cotton instead of fat and oil into the Malaysian-favourite foods. If you’re unfamiliar, some of their featured food-turned-plush are the ‘Otah-otah’, a spicy fish delicacy, the ‘Curry Puff’ and believe it or not, is variety of curry types in puff pastry as well as so much more food options.

Most of us will often look for ways to amplify the experience and the outlook of our sofas and couches and often cave-in to generic pillows. So, to indulge in both good food and comfort, Nom Nom Plush is surely suited just for this. And as their tagline goes, “Zero calories, 100% Goodness”.

9. Stephanie Ng Design

Image: Jia Rich

For a brighter, more enlivening home, Stephanie Ng Design is sure to provide aesthetic that will last and endure. Want to give a pop to your breakfast counter? Is your room lacking a bedside lamp?

Stephanie crafts lighting for commercial and residential use with the goal of allowing cohesive synergy with the surrounding. Creating some of the most beautiful lighting designs, they have been able to exhibit and display products countless times across the globe.

With collections like the ‘Luna Lana’, Stephanie Ng Design is proudly sustainable for using sustainable materials and zero machinery to produce their goods. If you’re looking for anything unique or design with a twist when it comes to lighting, Stephanie Ng Design is the best place to go for.

You may find out more about Summer on her Instagram too!

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