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Love Japan? Here Are 5 J-Vloggers You Should Follow

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Just about everyone loves Japan, and for good reason. Good food, gorgeous scenery, amazing technology, impeccable manners- and don’t even get me started on the fascinating blend of modern and traditional culture. It’s an intriguing country, so it’s no wonder that a lot of people are in awe of it.

And with the steady approach of Japan’s famed cherry blossom season, this admiration is going to be all the more obvious.

Here’re five J-Vloggers you should check out if you’re interested in Japan:

Rachel and Jun

Possibly one of the, if not the most subscribed to J-Vloggers on YouTube, Rachel and Jun are an international American-Japanese couple based in Japan. As such, this adorable pair have many videos that surround cultural differences. Their work isn’t limited to just one subject matter, however. Rachel and Jun also produce the occasional skit, and a lot travel and Japanese language learning videos.

It’s hard not to be drawn to Rachel’s cheerful, bubbly personality and Jun’s quiet yet friendly aura.

Abroad in Japan

Now known as that grumpy British guy who got rudely awoken by a North Korean missile, Chris Broad is a popular J-Vlogger who often produces videos about travel, culture and Japanese language learning. While his work tends to take a rather educational standpoint, they never fail to entertain thanks to his dry, sarcastic sense of humour. In other words, Chris makes learning fun. The fact that he shows real potential in hosting his own TV travel program is another plus.

Check him out if you’re keen on learning more about Japan.

Sharmander & Sharla in Japan

From lifestyle to beauty to travel and culture, Sharla’s channels have a little bit of everything to cater to just about everyone. A popular J-Vlogger in Japan, Sharla is a sweet, even-tempered YouTuber who gained recognition through her well-made, often informational videos. And thanks to her rather extensive stay in Japan (she has been living there for years!), she has plenty of tidbits to share with everyone.

Bonus: Sharla is in the process of moving to South Korea, so pretty soon you’ll have plenty of K-Vlogs to watch too!

That Japanese Man Yuta

Like the name suggests, Yuta is a native Japanese man. Unlike Rachel, Jun, Sharla and Chris, however, his videos largely comprise of street interviews, the majority of which take place in Tokyo. He mainly interviews native Japanese people, but also has a healthy amount of interviews with foreigners, half Japanese and other people from different walks of life. Thoughtful, calm and intelligent, Yuta’s videos grant outsiders a look into life in Japan.

Among the topics that can be found on his channel are Japanese culture, racism, dating, Japanese language learning and general everyday life in Japan.

Find Your Love in Japan

Nobita is another native Japanese man, and like Yuta, his videos are primarily made up of street interviews. However, unlike Yuta, the main focus of his channel is dating. This was due to his attempt to encourage foreigners to try out dating in Japan. Was, because he has been branching out into different topics over recent months. These new topics can range from heavyweights like racism to politics to religion; Nobita is not shy about discussing controversial topics.

When he is not making videos, he is dedicated to his job in teaching Japanese to foreigners.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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