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Looking for Places To Sell Your Art? Check Out These Online Marketplaces

by Chesryn Tania. |

Trying to generate income from a creative hustle can be hard. Gaining exposure means you having to go work at art exhibitions and personally promote your products. However, you can manage your customer’s orders, postages, queries and product advertising all from a single marketplace for little to no cost at all. All you need to do is pick an online marketplace best suited to your needs.

Image: @kittuco on Instagram

Online marketplaces are now the most favoured way for customers to shop for what they want and potentially discover new things. Equally loved by sellers, its ability to enable entrepreneurs to gain a stable salary from home and the fact that you are your own boss is only a few of the many reasons why people are finding this platform so endearing! The benefits as compared to a physical store are more advantageous, as you can dictate your global reach, price, product listings and the overall creative outlook of your e-store. Still not convinced? Read on for more reasons as to how marketplaces can bring you handsome returns.

1. Big Cartel

A favourite amongst many solo business owners, Big Cartel has been the frontman since 2015. With users registered all over the world, sellers potentially have a wider market to offer their products to and can get customers from any region at all. The site offers a free account with up to 5 products to be listed for free. If you have more products to offer, you can easily upgrade to their affordable premium plans that start from USD9.99.

Image: Big Cartel

Although you may be opposed to paying that much for a premium plan, Big Cartel is used by most sellers because of the number of international payment methods they offer. They are one of the very few marketplaces with several different options for your customers to purchase with. The ease of these transactions will widen your user base as these following payment methods are accepted: PayPal & PayPal credit, Stripe and Venmo.

2. Shopee

Dominating most Asian regions, Shopee has managed to get everyone to download their app in countries they serve such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Offering deals and free shipping every other month, their rates of audience interaction is high, and the turnout is consistent.

Shopee also offers an unlimited amount of product listings and easy setup to keep up with your stock management. In terms of settling purchases and orders, for every item bought you will immediately have access to all the customer’s postal information. Both customers and sellers can easily track their items. To ensure there are no scams or lost packages, the website and app are both equipped with in-built chats. For more coverage, their customer service department is always online and very responsive. Hence, you’d never need to go out of the app to settle any inquiries.

3. Etsy

With existing users from the upper regions such as the United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia, Canada and so on forth, Etsy is known for the diverse markets they dabble in. They’ve for long had a withstanding reputation to be a credible online art marketplace. Helping sellers gain more exposure from other international countries, they have numerous categories that your online business might fall into.

Image: Bitbond

From arts & collectables, clothing, jewellery or even furniture, this marketplace has it all! If you worry about pricing, Etsy has helped many sellers with their low subscription fees. Each product listing is $0.20 and will last for 4 months. If you have more than a few products in hand to sell, you can opt to upgrade to Etsy Plus which accommodates 15 listing credits and USD $5 in advertising listing credits to help boost your profile! Not convinced? They provide the following payment methods too: Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

4. Zazzle

What makes Zazzle so different from other online marketplaces is that it runs on products created by independent artists. Think of it as freelancing but at the same time you can get your artwork sold at the price of your choosing and receive et royalties. Zazzle’s work is simple, you provide the art and they do most of the manufacturing and shipping for you.

Now, Zazzle has three different tiers you can sign up for. All of them have their own specific tasks and availabilities, but you can still sell your designs on their marketplace. All you need to do is review your options and settle for what works for you best.

  • Designer package: Upload an unlimited number of artworks for free and set your own royalty rates between 5% to 99%.

  • Maker package: If you’re an artist who makes customizable products, this would be the segment for you as they have easy tools for customizable products and order management features.

  • Associate package: Promote Zazzle products to earn 15% per sale plus the volume bonus. You are free to choose a variety of products to promote such as Disney, Hallmark and so on forth.

Selling and promoting your skills has never been easier than in this day and age! Online marketplaces enable you to have more free time and have the leisure to work on your own preferred timings. You will no longer be burdened with the cost of rental space, not much commitment and as everything can be done from your home or worry about break-ins as there’s no physical store.

Everyone starts from somewhere, maybe selling your art online could be a stepping stone for a future business!

You may find out more about Chesryn on her Instagram as well.

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