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Khairy Tweets That UMNO's Lokman Has "the IQ of a Carrot", Twitter Laughs

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

It pretty much goes without saying that social media is now a huge part of our lives. Even politicians have taken to social media, and we're just as likely to see them throwing shade at each other as we are to witnessing our Facebook friends doing the same!

Just yesterday, the local Twittersphere was in hysterics after Khairy Jamaluddin of UMNO bit back at Lokman Adam, who a member of the UMNO Supreme Council.

The hilarious debacle began after Khairy responded to Najib's claim that Barisan National lost the GE14 because of "fraud, defamation and false promises" made by Pakatan Harapan.

Khairy's response to it was simply a succinct,

"We lost because of 1MDB.
The end."

Lokman, who is an avid Najib supporter, took offense to this.

And what does one do when they feel offended on the Internet? They pick a fight, of course.

Not happy with just leaving things at that, Lokman went through the trouble of replying to a tweet of Khairy's from about three months back.

The tweet in question was in regards to Khairy's views of Pakatan Harapan's decision to abolish GST.

Of course, not one to be backed into a corner and take things quietly, Khairy hit back at Lokman with a clever response.

It was then that the entire local Twittersphere burst into hysterics.

Khairy's response to Lokman has prompted Malaysian netizens to jump in on the thread to add in hilarious memes, gifs and pictures of carrots, and quips of their own.

Among many, one of the most popular replies was tweeter user @Play3r_two's, who said, "And thus Lobakman Adam was born…".

I guess we should all take this as a lesson to think before we act. Or rather, pick an online fight.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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