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Jolly Good Treats to Tide Yule Over

Try as you might, it’s pretty hard to deny that one of the best things about Christmas is the scrumptious food. Admit it. If there’s one thing that can lift your mood even further after ripping open your presents, it has to be that alluring scent wafting out of the kitchen.

Ah... Christmas. There is simply no end to the joy it provides.

But for this article, let’s just focus on the food and drinks we get to enjoy on this day - the desserts in particular.

Candy Canes

Traditionally blessed with red and white stripes, candy canes are instantly recognisable thanks to their widespread popularity. These can almost always be spotted in Christmas lms and can at times be used as decoration (before being eaten, of course!).

Candy canes are usually peppermint- flavoured. Talk about a taste of winter in your mouth!

Chocolate Fudge

A traditional Christmas treat in the United States, chocolate fudge is a type of confectionery that possesses a smooth, creamy consistency. Soft and easy to sink your teeth into, this sweet treat is one that delights all who possess a sweet tooth. Good news for children, obviously!

Fruits, nuts, caramel and candies are sometimes added inside the fudge for extra flavour. All the better for those who’d like a bit of variety.


If you think pumpkins are confined to just Halloween, think again. Prepared in the form of pie for Christmas, pumpkin pie is a sweet dessert with a spiced, pumpkin custard filling. While the idea of eating this in Malaysia during the celebration is just about unheard of, it is hugely popular in Canada and the United States.

These lovelies can be enjoyed chilled and served with a huge dollop of whipped cream.


This one might be a bit unusual to hear, but churros are considered a traditional Christmas food in Mexico and Spain! Made from a mixture of our, water, eggs, sugar, butter and salt, churros are fried until they become crunchy.

They are usually accompanied with a bowl of chocolate gravy for dipping. Talk about tasty.


Gingerbread is a baked good that is often moulded into a variety of shapes. During Christmas, gingerbread traditionally comes in Christmas-themed shapes such as gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, evergreen fir trees and snow flakes.

The most popular out of all these are gingerbread men and gingerbread houses. They’re so adorable, it’s almost a shame to eat them!

Christmas Cookies

As it is becoming increasingly evident, those who love sweets are spoiled silly during this especially merry time of year. Christmas cookies are traditionally sugar cookies that come in Christmas-themed shapes.

Needless to say, their aesthetic is made all the more appealing thanks to the use of brightly coloured sugar and sprinkles. In fact, some people nd them so lovely- looking that they’d put these cookies in transparent packaging and hang them on their Christmas tree!


Australians and Kiwis (New Zealanders, for those of you who are unaware) sure are lucky, aren’t they? I mean, who wouldn’t want this meringue- based dessert to be found in abundance on Christmas? This crispy dessert is usually topped with fruits and whipped cream, and is so sinfully delicious that it should be considered a guilty pleasure.

Fun Fact: The pavlova is named after Russian dancer, Anna Pavlova, either during or after one of her tours in either Australia or New Zealand.


This oughtn’t to come as a surprise, seeing that drinking is all part of Christmas tradition in many countries. Loved in the United States, Puerto Rico, France and Australia, champagne is that one fancy alcoholic beverage that makes an appearance as the evening wears on.

It’s also a great excuse to break out your gorgeous long-stemmed champagne glasses.

Hot Chocolate

Especially popular in countries where the four seasons reign strong (namely Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Mexico), hot chocolate is that one comforting beverage that offers some reprieve from the harshness of winter.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that it tastes so chocolatey heavenly too. Marshmallows are sometimes added for extra gooey goodness.

Milk and Cookies

... Perhaps not, but milk and cookies are worth a mention considering how they’re often (mistakenly) prepared by children in the West for Santa Claus. At least they do in the movies.


Either way, we imagine that the milk and cookies are a welcome reward after all that time spent trudging through the mall shopping for presents! By... Well, you know who you are.

Goodness, with all of these treats (and more!) it is no wonder that the food and drinks are some of the things people love best about Christmas. So be sure not to fill up on snacks before the big feast! You know you’ll regret missing out on anything being served on the big day.

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