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Instagram Pages That Will Spark Your Creative Side

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

by Sharmilla Abdullah |

Very often, we all get too busy in our lives that we become so preoccupied with work or daily routines and before you know it, all our hobbies, talents or skills which we have always enjoyed and spent so much of our time harnessing when we were younger are completely forgotten!

While some may not even know there’s a creative side to them, perhaps what we could all use is a little inspiration to nudge us into the direction of unleashing our creative juices - don’t look any further for a list of Instagram pages that may inspire!

1) Ellucy Stitches

If you’re good with sewing or if you like embroidery, this page is definitely for you! Colourful and vibrant, Ellucy Stitches has created various textile art using Kona cotton fabrics on embroidery hoop. Whether its flowers, animals or quotes, hand embroidery has never looked prettier!

2) Whartever

For the avid travelers out there, check out how this couple have made art using items like paper cups, matchboxes or even pebbles to showcase their travels. Creatively incorporating ordinary items, they paint, colour, sketch or design beautiful art that brings their travel memory to life!

3) Queen of Luna

Have make-up skills but not sure how to take it to the next level? Check out our own homegrown, make-up and special effects artist which can definitely inspire you to not just apply makeup creatively but completely transform into different characters! She is known to

creates surreal outcomes using the canvas she knows best, her face.

4) T'Peepal

Here’s a creative artist that customizes your portrait by carving it out on, guess what?! Leaves!! You heard that right! Instead of using basic canvases, here’s a twist to portraits that uses nature to make truly unique pieces of artwork! This could be a a great house-warming gift.

5) Rose Mehndi (Emma Rose)

Henna has become more and more popular these days across different cultures and if you’re one who is keen to explore henna drawing, this page showcases intricate henna designs that truly stand out!

6) The Online Garden Center

For the green fingers amongst you, here’s a page that inspires to look beyond the usual gardening method of using just pots! From sharing useful tips to care for specific plants to potting ideas using various items, check em’ out to see how you can create an extraordinary green space using your own plants.

7) Nai Sketch

NAI is a comic illustrator and her illustrations are known to have a whimsical, fun touch because of the pastel colours she uses in her work. You can even get your own portrait done by her!

8) KJCardigan (Kate Jenkins)

Here’s a page that has taken it one step further by using knitwear to replicate all our favourite breads and pastries! Looking extremely realistic, it sure is appetizing scrolling through the pictures of bagels, pancakes, rolls, buns.. that are all knitted to perfection!

9) Victor Goh

For you fashionistas out there, here’a a page that showcases fashion designs that are stunningly creative. A stylist that combines a range of designs, motifs and colours, each picture shows a design that is truly exclusive and one that transcends across cultures, place ad time.

10) Laura C Moyer

Superbly colourful and vibrant, these illustrations will surely pick your mood up as it uses simple motifs and patterns to create beautiful artwork, showing us that art need not be complex to be stunning.

11) I Heart Crafty Things

Whether its crafty ideas for kids or adults alike, iheartcraftythings has it all! Mostly using basic items like card board boxes, paper plates or ribbons amongst many other things to create various types of artwork, this page shows it can be easily done; step-by-step videos are included for some of it too - friendly for beginners!

We hope these pages spark an interest or the creative side of you that you have been wanting to explore. Even if it’s just bullet journaling or as simple as adult colouring. All it takes is to push yourself to get something started and keep yourself going!

So, what are you waiting for?! Go right ahead and unleash your creativity side already!

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