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Insightful YouTube Channels That Will Help You Become More Well-Informed

by Nadira Ezrin. |

Can I say YouTube is my best pal to hang with during my free time? When I go through to the most frequently used apps on my smartphone and guess what, Youtube is always the top 5. I can find almost everything in there, from “How to Fold Your Shirts”, to “Colour-coded Lyrics” video to sing my lungs out.

Taking a short break from work by watching YouTube is the only way that can help me to stay awake by boosting my brainpower. Sometimes, I'll be having a video playing in the background during work to listen to some lo-fi music that can help me to stay focused for the entire day. There’s something about YouTube that makes me enjoy every minute I spend on it.

Here are some insightful YouTube channels that will help you become more well-informed, defined into different interests:

1. Crash Course

Image: The Verge

CrashCourse offers a huge number of educational videos in different fields. It was founded by the famous author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green and his brother Hank Green. This channel produces free educational videos in animation form that make it very easy to understand. Most importantly, they used the approach of transforming the traditional textbook model by presenting animated information in a fast-paced format.

2. Alltime10s (top 10 everything)

When I’m in need to watch something light but still educational to boost my brain, I find myself scrolling into Alltime10s videos. This channel has over 5 million subscribers and has been consistently uploading new videos every two days.

Image: Alltime10s

All contents that they offer to viewers are only the top 10 of-- literally, everything. Not all of their videos are educationally related though, they also produce videos about conspiracy theories, myths, and weird facts that can blow your mind.

3. TED (powerful talks from powerful people)

“Thanks for coming to my TED talk.” This iconic line that was everywhere on Twitter made me discovered TED and immediately hit the subscribe button. I am amazed of the TED’s concept where they invite extraordinary people all over the world to talk about a variety of disciplines. These outstanding people spread new ideas that I’ve never thought before. “It was learning in a different way. You asked more questions, you got to go deeper. And when you get to go that deep, you learn more and more,” a student said this to a radio station in San Francisco.

Image: TED.com

Truthfully, I always wanted to experience attending TED at least once in my life. That’s how watching TED on a regular basis made me so obsessed with it.

4. OverSimplified (animated history)

Image: flickr.com

Now, we are talking. OverSimplified explains history in the most simplified way, just like their name. Never in my life, I thought I would like history until I watched this channel. I love everything about their content. The editing, the animation, the narrator, I would rate all of them A+. Although they do not upload videos as often as other famous education channels, the quality content that they present is the reason I’m willing to wait for their upcoming posts.

5. Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell (science, space, technology, biology, and philosophy)

Kurzgesagt that based in Munich, Germany believes the idea of making science looks beautiful. This channel is one of the biggest science channels on Youtube, where it is supported by a group of scientists, NGOs, and leading brands and it has received over 700 million views up until today.

Image: Kurzgesagt

They used funky animation as their main theme to attract the viewers. I love their storytelling where they only focus to inspire people to learn. The way their storyteller narrates the videos by using humour is the best approach for me. When I look up to their further background, it turns out they purposely doing so because they believe a good humour and story are as important as straight facts.

6. National Geographic

Image: Men's Journal

This channel teaches me a lot about nature, especially about global warming, natural disaster and ocean. The best thing about National Geographic is not only they uploaded new videos every day, but they have set a weekly YouTube schedule for specific topics. I love exploration kind of videos, so I will set my notification on every Wednesday. I highly recommended this channel to gain more awareness about our planet since we don’t really know much about the earth.

7. Marques Brownlee (tech and gadget)

Image: Variety

Now let’s move on from the educational channel. Well, you should be well-informed about the latest technology as well, am I right? Marques Brownlee pretty much sums up reviews on every latest gadget that is on the market. That’s why I always look up for this channel every time I wanted to watch some reviews on a smartphone that I intend to buy.

8. Matt D’Avella (productivity)

Image: Matt D'Avella

Mattew D’Avella is a minimalist filmmaker who promotes the idea of living in minimalism. Matt’s videos are fascinating and calming that makes me attracted to them in a different way. I still remember watching his most famous video “I quit social media for 30 days”. That was my first time watching his video. The video made me realize how my life could have been much better and productive without social media. What I’m trying to say is, Matt’s videos have the impact of alertness to fix something in my life. And I think everyone should at least give a try to watch his content.

9. Jay Shetty

Mental illness is as important as physical health. Jay Shetty’s channel offers self-care and wisdom videos for his viewers. I found his channel about 5 months ago when I was at my lowest. I remembered when I first watched his video; “If Someone Broke Your Heart” and I felt so much at ease and relieved after that.

Image: Bolt Post

The best thing about Shetty is, he always has his own unique ways to tell us to look at every situation in different perspectives. My most favourite playlist from his channel is Weekly Wisdom and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who’s asking for something refreshing to watch.

10. Beauty Within

Finding a good skincare product that suits our skin is tough, so it is very important to look for some reviews first for a better understanding of a particular product. Before I’m heading to a drugstore, I always find myself scrolling into Beauty Within channel. They give a lot of skincare lessons to know our skin better.

Image: Beauty Within

For me, these 10 channels are the reason why I always turn on YouTube on my smart TV rather than watching series. Of course, there are many amazing channels out there that talk about various disciplines. You just need to find the right one and see yourself get attached to them.


You may find out more about Nadira on her Instagram too.

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