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Influencers Under Your Marketing Radar

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

This article is compiled by Jason Lee


The influencer industry has grown tremendously over the past several years because of how accessible it is. After all, basically anybody can be a social media influencer today. All you need is a phone, snap some Instagram-worthy photos, VSCO/Snapseed it, post it on

your social media platforms and BAM, there you go!

But how do we know who are the ones who can actually make an impact on their followers?

Which is why we bring to you a selection of OG influencers, together with a few up-and coming ones, that you should keep an eye on!

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Angela is a Marketing major fresh out of INTI. A fan of coffee shop hopping, her sweet smile and fashion sense are what make her extraordinary. Fun fact: She is an Indonesian Chinese who is currently residing in Malaysia.


Skin care & makeup products, coffee, fashion & photography

KY Speaks

KY is one of the OGs in the food blogging industry. He has been exploring almost all the food places in Malaysia for over a decade. So if you’re looking for some of the best hawker food

or high-end restaurant cuisine in town, then you know who you should look for. To add on to the appeal, he also shares his travelling experience on his blog!


Food products & travel items


Is your New Year’s resolution to get a flat tummy or a six-pack? No worries, we got you! Bobo is one of our most highly sought-after influencers when it comes to #bodygoals. She occasionally makes Youtube videos about her travelling adventures as well, so go ahead and have a gander if you’re curious.


Fitness items, travel items, swimwear, skin care & makeup products

Jenn Chia

Pretty sure you have heard her name before. She’s a multi-talented influencer, Youtuber, singersongwriter and emcee. You name it, she can do it. Out of so many things that she does, she is wellknown for her humorous character that she acts out in her Youtube videos.


Travel items, music, photography, swimwear, skincare & makeup products

Anni Tai

If you’re a huge fan of calligraphy, floral painting, lettering, embroidery and just about anything creative, you should definitely check her out! Your eyes will be glued to her feed as it is full of colourful and creative pieces of art. And if you’re interested in learning from the sifu herself? Then you are in a treat because she offers workshops at Annitaistudio.


Coffee, food products and creative artwork

That's it, folks! Stay tuned for more influencers the next time around! We promise we won't let you down! :)

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