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Inexpensive Things To Instantly Brighten Up Your Living Space

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

by Katherine Thivya. |

Have you ever heard of the saying, “the home reflects the heart”? Indeed, a person’s living space often mirrors their state of mind. A brightly-lit space can lift one’s spirit, whereas a room on the dimmer side tends to dampen one’s mood. Your living space is where you spend time with your family and unwind after a long day, which is why it is of utmost importance to create a space that puts your mind at ease.

Whether you’re looking to design your new living space or simply changing things up in your humble abode, here are a few affordable home décor ideas to incorporate into your home sweet home to instantly brighten up the atmosphere.


Mirrors are a foolproof way to create the illusion of light and space, especially in a dark and confined room. With an assortment of mirrors available in store, from minimalistic ones to geometric patterns, you’re sure to find one that fits your interior aesthetics. Even if you are unable to find one that is to your liking, you can always get a plain mirror and revamp it by painting or adding ornament to the frame. Consider spray-painting the frame with gold spray as such metallic accents further add light to your living area.

Here is an inexpensive option from Shopee which is sure to make your living space look classier.


Succulent plants are undoubtedly the hottest interior trend of recent years and not without a good reason. Succulents are much more effortless to care for as compared to other houseplants as they can thrive under dry and warm environments. Hence, it is suitable even for those who are beginners at growing plants. Having a corner with such greenery in your home will add some much-needed life and freshness in your house.

You can find them on Lazada at a reasonable price.

Wall art

Wall art is a great way to create a point of interest in your living space. The key to aesthetically-pleasing wall art is ensuring that the art style and colour scheme are cohesive. Also, the best part about wall art is that it’s versatile and allows you to get creative with it. Depending on the amount of space you’re working with, you could go with 1-2 pieces or a collage of 4-5 pieces.

Here’s an option from Shopee where you can get them for less than RM10 a piece!

As a budget-friendly alternative to fancy artworks, you can simply get a couple of simple frames and put up just about anything, be it fashion magazine clippings or fabric cut-outs. You can even print out your favourite quote and frame that! Throw in a family photograph into the bunch as well for a personal touch. Make sure to plan out the layout beforehand. Additional tip: if wall damage is a concern, try Command hooks to avoid it.


It’s amazing what a few little cushions on your couch can do to transform your living room. Effortlessly stylish and inexpensive, cushions serve as accent colours to an otherwise neutral-toned sofa. Not to mention, they are oh-so-comfy and a delight to rest on after a long day. Choose solid shades for a minimal approach, velvet or faux fur ones for a touch of luxe or ones with a floral motif for a beachy vibe.

You can search for them on Shopee for some good offers!


Many underestimate the power of rugs and choose not to have any. Although rugs are high-maintenance, large-sized area rugs add a certain degree of texture and softness to your space, even more so if the room has dark floorboard. To expand visual space, go for one with subdued hues such as ivory or grey. Otherwise, for a contrasting effect, opt for ones with unique colours and prints that represent your personality.

As you can see, achieving a brighter living space doesn’t necessarily require expertise in interior design nor do you need to burn a hole in your wallet in the process. So, what are you waiting for? Time to shop for new trinkets for your space or start a DIY project!

Here’s an affordable option from Shopee you can check out!

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