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IN Festival: Influencers 2018: Want to Become the Next IN Thing?

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

And meet your idols while you're at it?

Then grab this chance to do exactly that by attending IN Festival: Influencers 2018! For those of you who may have missed the news, here is a quick run down on what IN Festival: Influencers 2018 is, and exactly why you should be there.

With the rising prominence of social media influencers in our daily lives, Astro, Digi, tvN, Nuffnang (that's us!) and Rocketfuel Entertainment have collaborated together to bring you the first and biggest influencer event in Malaysia.

It is essentially an event where you'll get to meet your favourite idols, and perhaps even chat with them! How cool is that?!

Alright. That's great. But who'll be there?

We're glad you asked, because we've got a smorgasbord of local and international influencers to choose from.

From left: PONGPONG, fourfeetnine, Timothy Tiah

Coming right up from our local scene are singer Ara Johari (437k Instagram followers); content creator Harvinth Skin (85.9k Instagram followers); singing duo and YouTubers, PONGPONG (226k YouTube subscribers); singer and winner of Astro All Star, Geraldine Gan (56.8k followers on Instagram); winner of Astro Star Quest singing competition in 2012, Nicole Lai (44.8k followers on Instagram); Astro Star Quest 2009 second runner up, Ah Yoke (66k followers on Instagram) and more.

From left: Banzz, Ssinnim, Chaleeda, Mina Myoung

Bursting from the International scene are popular key influencers like South Korean moguls mukbang star Jung Masu aka Banzz (2.8 million YouTube subscribers), choreographer Mina Myoung (10 million YouTube subscribers) of 1Million Dance Studio which choreographed K-pop scene greats like Sunmi, Jessi, TWICE, Jay Park and more; and beauty and make-up enthusiast Suhye Park, also known as Ssinnim (1.5 million YouTube subscribers); alongside Thai-British born singer, Chaleeda Gilbert (95k YouTube subscribers); and Singaporean firefighter-turned-actor Hisyam Hamid (1.1 million Instagram followers).

Sounds good. What are the activities like?

Festival-goers can immerse themselves in various activities and watch live performances at the IN Festival: Influencers 2018 event.

Activities include and aren't limited to:

  • Live demonstrations and coffee workshops by Malaysia’s leading coffee aficionado, CAFFA

  • Fitness demonstrations by luxury boutique gym, Babel Fit

  • Fashion showcases and sharing sessions by Runway Productions by Catwalk Guru

  • e-Game tournaments and meet-and-greet sessions by Geek Fam

  • Dance workshops and performances by Katoon Network Dance Academy

  • Opportunities to meet top beauty influencers at the Get It Beauty Booth

In addition, guests can also sing their hearts out and indulge in a concert at the Tremendous JOOX Live Concert on 22 September at 7:30pm. The concert will feature Malaysian singers Dayang Nurfaizah, Joe Flizzow, Akim and The Majistret, Farisha Irish, Uriah See, Ismail Izzani, Aizat Amdan and Aziz Harun. Fans can visit JOOX Malaysia's Facebook page for more information on the redemption of concert passes.

What's more, your favourite idols will also be sharing tips with aspiring influencers on winning and building a solid fanbase. So if it is your dream to become a social media influencer yourself, then IN Festival: Influencers 2018 is right up your alley.

Interested? Then don't miss out! Register for IN Festival: Influencers 2018 today!

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