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If I Could Complete One More Resolution Before The Year Ends, It Would Be..

by Dhanusha Selva Kumar. |

Yes, only a few more weeks or so before we reach our vision year, 2020. So, have you made your visions a reality? If you're reading this, and on track with your achievements and goals, kudos to you. But to the rest of you, don't fret because it's not too late.

Yearly resolutions aren't always as overrated as they seem.

In fact, many urbanites today claim that having their dreams and goals spread out before their eyes help them visualise themselves being in the spotlight, and it gives them the motivation to go the extra mile. And truth be told, through all the hustles and downfalls year-round, leaving out a couple of goals here and it is pretty typical. If I could complete one more resolution before the year ends, it would be to plan my resolutions for next year, beforehand.

To me, this is the most challenging resolution that's on my list each year. Realistically, I would be too occupied with my monthly goals and on top of that, tackling unexpected obstacles professionally and personally from time to time. In my point of view, this is the best time of the year to pause and look back on all your relationships that didn't work, the deadlines you failed to meet, and all those calories you were supposed to burn. It is exceptionally vital that you not only reflect on all the nooks and crannies of each situation that went against your favour but also how you should prepare yourself mentally and physically in the future. Some would plan on how to prevent themselves from getting intertwined in another sticky situation.

Despite being a realist, I am not entirely against the idea of prevention. However, I would instead advise you to choose to focus on your energy and how you could react to those unwanted situations. At the end of the day, our choices and actions define us.

So, here's my simple three-step plan to create my upcoming resolutions:

  • Highlight my accomplishments. I would kick off the planning by patting myself on the back for all the successes I have achieved during the past year and highlight everything that I have accomplished. Want a more gratifying aesthetic? Use colourful pens and plush stickers to add that extra oomph!

  • Next, I would set the bar a step higher and list down at least five things I would like to accomplish the next year. I desire to attain more and more each year because the sky is the limit and, why live a life without risks?

  • Lastly, the icky part. To highlight my downfalls. Easier said than done, but trust me when I say that if we wish to move mountains tomorrow, we must start by lifting pebbles today.

Once I have all I need to brew the perfect concoction for my upcoming resolutions, I would write down my resolutions in a specific time frame of which I would like to achieve them in, along with the fundamental steps to attain them. I would typically incorporate the 5Ws & 1H technique to help myself comprehend and form a brand-new set of resolutions with game-changing methods. By game-changing, I mean through a re-evaluation of my old steps that failed, and ultimately revamping them into new steps. Additionally, I would look up relevant and inspiring articles and YouTube videos while creating those new resolutions.

Over the years, I have discovered a few secrets to achieving most of my resolutions.

Right off the bat, you must start with a clear intention. Possessing this ability was easy when I learned to be more grateful and content with the life I have. When your intent is clear, your resolution would seem more realistic and positive. Next, I define successful resolutions as a series of consistent personal pledges because persistence is always key. I learned that when I keep up with my short-term resolutions, it gives me the spark to propel towards my long-term goals and accomplish them. Like a catalyst, more so. My last trick to make yearly resolutions work in general is to put your heart, mind and soul into everything you genuinely wish to achieve, despite what life throws your way. Hindsight is inevitably 20/20 so, always try to be dauntless enough to let go, embrace new waves and keep moving forward. I find that once I truly commit myself to achieve my resolutions, I would allow nothing to obstruct my way as I firmly believe in real hard work.

So, my dear friends, it is never too late to create and start a brand new resolution nor to end an ongoing one. And most of all, don't ever think for one second that taking even just a simple step, as to sit and think about your resolutions, isn't worth it. Every moment and every choice you make throughout your journey is of importance to the whole picture. If you're still in doubt, work it like Grande. You see it, you like it, you want it? Go get it!

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