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I Stopped Waiting for my Dream Job and it Made me a Lot Happier

by Fatin Hafizah. |

Most, if not all of us, long to land ourselves on the job of our dreams. As for me, I always knew I wanted to be a writer. When I took my bachelors in English, I knew that by hook or by crook, I would become a writer when I graduate. But then reality strikes. The competition was tough and the opportunities were little to none. I remembered going in for an interview to be an online writer for an educational website and I failed the interview miserably. Long story short, I got myself a job as a content writer. Although it wasn’t my dream job, I knew I had to start somewhere, and this job passed as a stepping stone for me.

After a year of working as a content writer, I stumbled upon an ad from a magazine looking for a beauty content writer. I sent in my resume, went to the interview, and again, I failed. With despair in my heart and on the verge of believing that being a writer was not meant for me, I went back to my daily routine as a content writer. Then, as luck would have it, the company I was working for was in the midst of revamping their website; and they wanted to create another page on the site which catered exclusively to articles related to fashion. I quickly emailed the person in charge, sent in my article, and just like that, my first article was published. But there’s a catch, I didn’t get paid. Still, I kept sending in my articles simply because I love doing it and I knew that it will help me in the future.

After a couple of months of sending in my articles for free, I quit the company and found myself another job with another company as a content editor. Along with that, I had to say goodbye to my “writing career.” For a brief moment, I felt my dreams slipping further and further away from me. However, I refused to let it go. I still believed that one day, I will be a writer. This time round though, while my goal stayed the same, my perspectives did not. Instead of focusing on getting my dream job, I decided to focus on the job I have now and come to think of it, as a result of accepting jobs that are not my “dream job”, I now have several working experiences to put in my resume. I’ve come to realize that experience is the best teacher; and having a diverse experience will always be a plus point no matter where you go. Those experiences have given me multiple sets of skills and knowledge which has helped me tremendously in my job today.

Aside from that, I have also learnt that just because you do not have your dream job now, it does not mean you can’t love what you’re doing now. You have a job that gives you a stable income; so see it as a blessing. Come to think of it, all the jobs that I’ve had (including the one I’m having now) were great! Of course, things weren’t always rosy but I never dreaded going to work. However, this doesn’t mean you should let it block you from opportunities leading to the job of your dreams. Similarly, keep in mind that your dream job does not guarantee you happiness. Give yourself the chance to try, even if you find out later on that it is not your cup of tea, at least you know that you gave it a shot, and trying is always better than not knowing.

I would also like to highlight this popular saying, “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”. For those of you who are lucky enough to feel this way, I congratulate you. But to those who are not so lucky, do bear in mind that every job has their downsides. Nothing in this life is completely good, and nothing in this life is all bad. For instance, people might think that working in the fashion industry is glamorous but what they do not know is the chaos that goes behind the scenes: from missing shoes and ripped dresses to tight deadlines and last minute changes, all sorts of chaos are happening behind the glitz and glamour. Not everything is what it seems, there will always be hurdles but that’s okay! Life is full of ups and downs so why should our jobs be exempted for it? When you have accepted the fact that everything has its own set of challenges, it will be easier for you to sail through the fact that just because you don’t have your dream job yet, does not mean you are not successful. Be it a famous actor, an entrepreneur or a government worker, every job has their own set of positive and negative aspects.

So, stop waiting for your dream job. Explore your options and take up as many opportunities as you can while not forgetting your dream. Find your balance and learn what is best for you that can benefit you personally and professionally. The world is your oyster, you never know what’s waiting for you out there. Be open to opportunities and you might just surprise yourself!

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