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I Love Malaysia but We Need To Put A Stop To These Negative Habits

by Nadhirah Jamil | Malaysia is a multi-diverse country with so many different races and ethnicities. Over the years, we have harmoniously lived together as a huge blended family that compromise and embrace our differences. Whenever we are abroad, we can’t help but to think about Malaysia, our home. Because Malaysia is where we grew up, and nothing will ever replace it as our home. Don’t you agree?

Our love for Malaysia is undeniable, but there are many common negative traits that we share as well! For example, abusing the priority seats for the elders or pregnant women, using the OKU parking spots and constantly being late to everything. (Oops!) These habits are pretty annoying and it’s time for us to do something to change it.

After all, only us, Malaysians can change out habits to make our home a better place.

P.S. Are you guilty of these annoying habits?

1) Ignoring The Traffic Lights

Green means go, Red means stop and Yellow means slow as you need to prepare for the light to turn red. But, what many Malaysians do when the Yellow light flashes, is that we speed as fast as we can because we don’t want to wait for the next turn.

To make it worse, some drivers still drive when the light has turned red. When we don’t follow the road instructions properly, we are putting our lives and others at risk as we could hit someone because of our that few minutes we are trying to save.

That being said, as soon as the light turns yellow, make sure you slow down your vehicle and prepare to hit the break.

2) Littering

Keep your trash in your pocket or your bag when you cannot find any trash cans. The simple toss of trash in random places like the streets, or worse, out of a car window; will collectively make our city unnecessarily messy and dirty.

It is really not that difficult. We have been taught this since we were kids - throw your rubbish in the bins. If you can’t find the bin, keep it until you find the nearest one or until you reach home.

3) Cutting Queues

Don’t you just hate it when someone cuts the queue? This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and seems pretty selfish.

Be it in a queue to buying your favourite Bubble Tea or cutting into lanes while stuck in a traffic jam, Malaysians can be very impatient and rude.

Image Source: Iluminasi.

We get it, you are late. But, cutting queue isn’t going to make you arrive much faster. When you cut queues during traffic jams, it will cause more chaos and slow down traffic even more. If you need to be somewhere on time, plan ahead and give yourself enough time to get there in time (with time to spare!).

4) Leaving The Trays at Fast Food Places

Malaysians love to eat McDonald’s spicy fried chicken and IKEA’s irresistible meatballs, but, what we do not like to do is to clean up after they have finished eating.

When you dine in fast-food restaurants or cafeteria, you need to clean up after yourselves and put the trays back in the designated area, instead of leaving your mess on the table. Yes, that is common courtesy, and yet it is so rare to find Malaysians doing it.

Although some of you might think, "Oh they have employees to do that", but be the bigger person. Just like your own home, have the courtesy to clean up after yourself.

This way, the place can be shared and enjoyed by everyone harmoniously.

6) Driving On The Emergency Lane

There’s a strong reason why there are emergency lanes on highways. It is meant for its namesake - for emergencies. This lane can only be used by ambulances, police cars and vehicles that face breakdown along the way.

Image Source: Car Sifu.

We know its tempting, seeing the clear emergency lane with no one using it. But once one person start using it, so will a lot more cars to the same. Herd mentality right?

But it does have its consequences. If caught using the emergency lane with no legitimate reason, you could be fined up to RM 2,000 or jailed for six months. Punishment aside, don’t be that person that misuse these facilities. Leave it for the people who truly needs it.

7) Being Spectators of Road Accidents

Unfortunately, in Malaysia, accidents happen almost every day. If you happen to drive nearby the incident, you might see many cars slowing down to take a good look of the accident scene. We need to stop this habit right now.

When you slow down, other cars will be delayed as well. This will lead to a massive traffic jam.

Yes, we know you could be concerned (or nosy) about what happened. Unless you are willing to stop your car somewhere to provide help to the victims, just being plain spectators is not helpful at all, and might cause additional commotion and further accidents.

8) Double Parking

Have you ever had to double park when you couldn’t get a parking space? I know, we all have at least done that once in our lives.

Image Source: The Star.

I understand, sometimes it is really unavoidable, and you need to just get something really quick. But this habit of ours often cause inconvenience for others. You may delay the person you are blocking from leaving, or cause traffic hold up if the streets are narrow.

So unless you know you will be gone only for 5 minutes or less, please try to find a proper parking space. Its okay if its further away, walking a little extra is better than causing inconvenience for other people.

9) Not being Responsible for our Public Toilet's Cleanliness

Public restrooms are one of Malaysia’s number one problems. Have you ever walked into a restroom and then immediately go out because you can’t stand the smell? That’s because we can’t take good care of it.

Be it vandelising, or not cleaning up after ourselves (seriously, why won't you flush after you use it?), or even climbing onto toilet bowls with our shoes etc, we treat public toilets with no care at all.

Use public restrooms like how you would use your toilet at home. After you’ve used the toilet, make sure that you clean up after yourself properly. Nobody likes walking into a dirty public toilet, so don't be part of making it a mess.

Since we are approaching Malaysia’s 62nd Independence Day, let’s get rid of our negative habits once and for all. Again, we remind you to be thoughtful of others, be kind and as Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”.

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