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I Am a Night Person And I Still Get The Job Done

by Jivashni M. Paramavisam. |

Things I love:

  1. Sleeping through the morning

  2. The silence of the night

  3. German chocolates while watching a good series on Netflix

  4. Unsweetened English tea + a good book on a super cosy bed while it rains outside

  5. ...and the list goes on.

Birds leaving their nests to go looking for worms to bring back and feed their young-lings at the break of dawn, chirping away happily and the bustles of the city as it wakes up are things that I almost never look forward to. I do have a thing for sunrises but I always tell myself that if I watch the Sun rising every day, it’d become a routine and who loves routine? Huh!

If you, too, hate (read: try to avoid) the morning traffics, energetic people and 8am classes, you’d probably relate to how blissful worshiping Saint Mattress is, rather than putting yourself out there in the morning when everything is so alive and busy.

I am not a morning person.

I get easily overwhelmed by the pace at which things move in broad daylight. I prefer the tranquility of the night. The whole world goes to sleep and there is no force rushing me to get anything done except my own will. Nobody is waiting on me. Nobody is watching me work. The loud annoying thuds from the construction site across the street has stopped, for the day. The sound of angry drivers honking at reckless motorists, is gone.

The night is only filled with the chirps of crickets and occasional barks of some dogs from the street outside which reminds me that the world is still alive and has only gone for a quick nap, as I dwell deep in my work, pacing down with time, thinking that I have all the time in the world to finish what I had started.

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I become a differently confident person, at night. I do get through my days in confidence but it doesn’t compare to how it is, after 10pm. In the day, while I am certain about my abilities to complete a task, I often find myself constantly worrying about time constraints so I’m almost always scurrying through one task after another and by the end of the day, I am exhausted.

The night, however, feels like magic because time seems to slow down for me, and all the hurries come to a halt, to create space for me to work.

Doesn’t this sound mystical?

Somehow, as the daylight fades away, I become more confident about being able complete my work at my own pace, minus the rush, and get it done within a considerable amount of time.

Productivity is another feel good factor that just makes being a night person so much better than being a morning person.

I mean, doing the same work in about the same amount of time, just probably an hour or two longer, if at all, WITHOUT all the pressure, isn’t that great? I would probably start to not love what I do in the morning even if I had immense passion for it, just because of the tension it comes with. If there’s anything I learned from my countless nights of staying up to complete a work, it’s that if you’re struggling to put your heart into what you do, doing it at night will make you feel better about it and actually, motivate you to approach it wholesomely, and wholesome approaches is an investment for expecting better outcomes. Technically, as a night person, I don’t get the job just done but better.

I do understand that the human race is as subjective as it can be so, some of you who are reading may try to avoid staying up as much as I avoid waking up, some might not be able to brain this article because..

What’s the big deal? You tell yourself you’re gonna work and you work, regardless what time of the day or night it is!

Or if you’re like my father, you’d think that I’m just making up an excuse for being lazy. We, night owls, get this all the time but we hope you may understand that this preference comes with a peace of mind and that it’s important to be at peace than it is to succumb to the pressure of competition and deadlines.

More than for night owls who are going “yasssssssss gurllllll” at this very sentence, right now, this article is for people who couldn’t get around to understanding what is it with us wanting to burn the midnight oil.

Yes, I am a night person and I still get the job done.

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