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How To Tell If Your Skincare Products are Worth The Price You Pay

by Meagan Tan. |

Skincare For Rookies:

If you often feel like you don’t know enough about skincare, or often get overwhelmed by the choices and varieties of skincare in the market, this article series is here to help!

We will dive into topics that help you understand skincare better, and why it is important to us, and also how to find the right skincare that will suit your skin, keeping it healthy and happy, so you will feel more confident than ever.

This series is brought to you in collaboration with Rooki Beauty.

You’re watching a video of your favourite YouTuber raving about a particular facial cleanser in her ‘Favourites Of The Month’ and you really want to try it but.. it’s expensive! With the surge of social media marketing and the variety of ads on the internet-sphere, it can be difficult to know if a particular skincare product would not only work for you but if it’s also worth the price you pay.

Even though it’s “just skincare” and you’re tempted to just buy it on a whim - don’t! We know what you’re probably thinking - It’s not like I’m buying a house or finding the best hotel for my Bali trip. But think about it, if you’re going to spend a lot on it, might as well make your money’s worth! (The kiasu-ness is real) In order to not spend so impulsively, here are a few ways you could find out if the product is worth it for you:

1. Take time to do your research

If you’re really keen on purchasing a particular product with a hefty price tag but the only thing that’s holding you back is if it’s really worth it or not, take extra time to do your research. Aside from reading reviews, another way is to find out if the brand has done scientific studies, shares more info and ways on why the product is deemed to be effective.

Let’s say you’re looking for a product to help calm your irritated, reactive skin, you would want a product that contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients. For example, looking out for products that perhaps contain Vitamin A, K and C to help sooth and supercharge your skin like this Green Pulp Paste Masque from Rooki Beauty as stated on their website.

2. Check the ingredient list arrangement

This is something that most of us could be unaware of. The ingredients on your skincare are arranged first to last in that order to showcase which ingredients is higher in content - from the most to the least amount of concentration. Hence, we would recommend knowing which ingredients you’re looking for to be at least in the first half of the list.

Some products could rave a lot on a particular ingredient but sometimes it could be at the bottom of the ingredients list and that’s when you know, you’re not really making your money’s worth.

3. The brand or product focuses on including quality ingredients.

Often times, we read that products with parabens, alcohol etc. shouldn’t be included in our skincare products but we should also try to find skincare with quality ingredients as well.

For example, the name of some products states that they contain a particular ingredient until you flip to the back and it states the word “extract” and that’s when we feel a tad bit cheated because it’s half-true. Honey is one of the popular ingredients which can be found in many products in the market but they are normally not 100% honey. Rooki Beauty’s Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops are one of the very few products out there that use 100% real honey and not honey extract to soothe inflamed skin.

4. If the product promises too much.

If a product claims to help you with too many or almost all of your skin woes, take a step back and find out from the ingredients if it would actually help tackle your concerns.

When a product is claiming too much and promises to fix everything, sometimes, it could be too good to be true. When shopping for a particular product, try to shop based on what your concern is and if the product contains that particular ingredient(s) that could help you out.

5. Are you paying for the packaging or the actual product?

We get that we can’t help but fall in love with aesthetically pleasing and cute

packaging! Ahhh, it would look so nice on our vanity - but often times we could just be buying into the packaging instead of the actual product.

Image: A Dash of Details

Some brands want to further justify the pricing by focusing more on the packaging as it’s easier to sell and market to consumers. However, the weight of the actual product could be probably one-third of it because the rest of it is the packaging. We know we would feel bummed out about that!

At the end of the day, it’s not just knowing not only works for you but if it’s worth it in the long run. Finding a good skincare product can be tough, so especially if you are able to find one that suits you with a hefty price tag or not, we hope these few tips could help you identify if the product is worth the price you pay or not.

Good luck, Skincare Rookies!

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