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How to Still Look On-Fleek By The End of the Day In Our Humid Weather

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

By Farah Saleem |

Man, the struggle of feeling cute at the end of a disgustingly hot day in Malaysia. The sheen on my face? Highlight. The frizz? Natural hair is in, dude. My sweaty pits?

We shouldn’t be shamed for exhibiting basic human physiological functions!

Jokes aside, we all love looking on fleek. It makes you feel good, boosts confidence and empowers us to be the best we can be. Here’s some tips on looking fleeky when the weather is especially gross.

1. Wear airy, over-sized clothing

Image: Pull & Bear

The chic hobo look is in, guys. You can pass off your dad or boyfriend’s extra-large shirt as trendy street fashion nowadays. It’s good for the rep AND lets your skin breathe. Cotton and linen are your sweat glands’ best friends. No one likes working overtime. Keep the layers to a minimum and stock up on the basics. A classic white t-shirt and some linen cut-offs, a rattan sling bag and cushy flats — a cooling outfit without sacrificing cuteness.

2. Trade in your flip-flops for sandals

I know it’s tempting to pop on some slippers and call it a day, but your feet (and Instagram feed) deserve more than that. A versatile, comfy pair of sandals is a massive upgrade from the selipar jamban a lot of us are prone to wearing in the hot weather. Open-toe sandals are a great jalan-jalan staple. You can find tons of styles online, from strappy to chunky to sophisticated!

3. Keep your hair frizz-free and neat with scarves or bandanas

Hair blowing in your face is annoying, what more sweaty hair. Keep your hair out of your face with a silk scarf in a vintage print. Just tie one around your head, feel like a 50s Hollywood movie star and revel in the compliments.

4. Bare-faced, minimal make-up is the way to go

When the weather is hot enough to melt your makeup off, its best to go a bit more bare-faced. Avoid heavy foundations and opt for a lighter beat. Use water-proof makeup whenever possible and set your face so it looks on-fleek throughout the day. Sheer, understated colours will make you look like a glowing goddess in the sun. Focus on sun protection and hydration to keep your skin looking bouncy and plush. Channel that extra bit of money into skincare instead of makeup, and you’ll find you don’t need to buy much makeup anymore!

5. Keep tissues and facial spray with you at all times

Source: The Chriselle Factor

Handy pocket tissues are a girl’s best friend, especially to blot out your sweaty forehead after a stint outdoors. Facial spray revitalises your skin and keeps you feeling fresh as a daisy. A handy tip would be to have a travel-sized version in your bag or at your office desk - that way, you'll always have access to it.

6. Use a mist or natural deodorant instead of heavy perfume

Image: Thompson Tee

Heavy fragrance + hot weather is a recipe for a headache, and you certainly do not want that. Use an eau de toilette or a natural deodorant balm instead of the concentrated stuff. A fresh scent goes a long way.

These simple tips are low-maintenance and humid-proof which is great for our country’s weather. Do you have any tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know below!

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