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How to Spend this Valentines Weekend if You Are Single & Loving It

by Emily Goh

Okay. Its post Valentines day (as in the exact day), and we have seen flowers and chocolates and even proposals happening on social media; and we know we will definitely see more of that for the weekend to come.

But if you are single, and enjoying every single (no pun intended) part about it, why not make this celebratory weekend about showing yourself some love? You have been doing so much, bustling around with work, juggling crazy schedules and getting your life together despite the curve balls thrown at you.

So there is all the reason in the world to take this celebration of love, to celebrate the most important kind of love; SELF LOVE!

As the day comes to an end and the weekend is here, we have a list of suggestions on how you can spend this Valentines Day.

1. Get Off Social Media For the Weekend

Yes, we know we have said this before; but honestly, scrolling through other people’s post and being #kaypoh about how couples are spending their Valentines day does not really “spark joy”. Even if you are totally okay with it and it does spark joy, perhaps getting off social media would ensure you fully appreciate the time spent with yourself, doing things that you actually enjoy.

After all, we have every other day to spend aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. This time, commit to a proper date weekend with yourself to set the correct tone and mood. Trust me, you will definitely feel reinvigorated.

2. Indulge in a Full Self Pampering Session at Home

Usually when we get ready for a big date, we would indulge in a self pampering session, such as taking a nice long shower, washing our hair and smothering it with our favourite hair mask, using skincare that we usually save up for special occasions, painting our nails, waxing our legs etc; basically the full works.

Well, this routine should not only be saved for getting ready for dates! Do it even if you are not going to see anyone this weekend. Do it to enjoy the process. Do it to treat your body to some TLC, Do it because you deserve a good relaxing time after all the hard work you have done throughout the year.

3. Bring yourself out for a good meal.

Why wait till you have someone else to enjoy a decadent meal, when you can do so yourself?

Often times, eating alone seems to be a very intimidating activity that many people find awkward. Take this chance to face your fears and bring yourself out for a really good meal. Spend a little more (just this once!) to go to your favourite restaurant, or even try out this new place you have always wanted to but never did, and enjoy yourself.

Oh and dress up to the nines, boys and girls! Just because you are going out on your own, it does not mean you need to wear something sloppy. Put on something that makes you feel sexy and confident, and go out there and paint the town red!

Unless you are the comfort over looks kinda gal, and just want to eat a meal in full comfort, then go on, bring out the stretchy pants, no one can judge you since you will be enjoying your meal with your own company.

4. Watch a Movie that you love.

We all know movie preference is a very subjective thing. So celebrate your singlehood by watching a movie that you love, even if one of those movies that no one else gets. Its a date with yourself, so go all out on being that awesome weirdo you are.

Whether is going to the cinema and getting to have all the popcorn to yourself, or binge watching an unpopular Netflix series you love, take this weekend to enjoy movies without distractions.

5. Catch up on that forgotten hobby of yours.

We use the excuse of “I have no time” all too often. But now that you have an occasion to celebrate self love, there is no more excuses.

Take this weekend to catch up on doing something you love, be it baking your favourite treats, reading a book or even indulging in a gaming marathon. Even hobbies require committed time, so don’t neglect them.

Do something you love, and you will find a certain satisfaction that will energize you for whatever that comes your way.

We know this weekend is just another regular weekend, and if you choose to disregard it altogether, you do you!

But we are just here to remind you, to always remember to celebrate self love, because sometimes we tend to forget to treat ourselves a little better, and may even take ourselves for granted.

So cheers to the weekend, and we hope you have an amazing one!

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