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How To Make Your Own Creative Space At Home

by Dewi Ridzuan |

Any artist of any medium will agree that a conducive environment leads to the fruition of concepts and ideas. However, not many of us can afford a whole new space to focus on our craft. Plus, a lot of creatives prefer to work with what they have got anyways.

So, if browsing an IKEA catalog doesn't work, there is an easier way to build your art corner if you know the steps. Regardless of budget, this mini-guide may help you build your own creative space at home!

1. Find A Space

Get out an apron or something old to wear because the first step is a bit messy. Instead of racking your brains on trying to ‘math’ the costs of a studio, just convert a portion of your house into a creative space!

Whether it is an unused bedroom or a storage room, anything works as long as it is enough for you to work in. You may have to throw some old items away or move things around though, so expect some muscle work! Next, just dictate if that space is compatible with your craft. For example, if you work a lot on graphic design, you may need enough floor space for a desk and good lighting. If you are a mixed-medium artist, a slightly bigger space to work in would suit better!

After ironing those kinks out, it is time to devise a budget. Things to be mindful of would be wall paint - if you want to fix cracked or moldy walls, or even suitable flooring that works with your craft. Last but not least, it is your creative space, so determine the overall vibe you want it to have: organized, colorful, or artsy, it all depends on your preference and personality!

2. Light & Comfort

We have heard it tonnes of times, about eating that vegetable or this vitamin to maintain good eyesight. Nutrition is one aspect to it, but proper lighting is critical not just for your health but for your art too.

Good lighting does not just come from the sun. Other forms of light are needed to maintain the tone of the studio. If possible, pick a space near a window for natural sunlight to seep in. When the sun is gone though, lights with a good Colour Rendering Index (CRI) are preferred. This measurement is used often to see how colors look beneath a light source and how similar it can be to natural sunlight. The range is usually between 0 to 100, and anything above 80 is good enough.

Colour temperature is important too, and also a technique utilized often by interior designers. This range is between 2000 to 65000 Kelvin (K). For artwork of any kind, good lighting would be around 5000K, equivalent to a midday setting. Once you’re done picking out the lighting of your room, ensure that you have good ventilation too! Even a standing fan or a tower fan works. Small comforts like a radio, speakers, or pillows can help ease the tension in the studio when you have a creative block.

3. The Right Furniture

How else to sit back and relax in your creative space without a chair, right? The average adult has roughly 700 skeletal muscles. As strong as they are, muscle sprains are not uncommon either. So, the right furniture is fundamental to any creative’s studio.

The latest trend now would be ergonomic furniture; it is made with the functionality and comfort of the human body in mind. A broader option would be paying a visit to IKEA, especially since they have modern furniture and an assortment of brands to browse through. A cheaper alternative is buying second-hand furniture, which saves cost and supports small businesses, so drive down to your closest shop for some old treasure!

Another handy tip would be that if you have limited space, use convertible or light furniture that can be easily stowed away. Maximize your space with things like shelves, canvas racks, rolling chests, or even toolboxes. Don’t forget to measure everything though, so be sure to have a measuring tape in hand!

4. Your Artistic Touch

A more personalized studio encourages familiarity and creativity! Some people opt for an avant-garde looking studio, others want rustic or even minimalistic. At the end of the day, the best way to decorate your space is to add your personal touches.

You can adorn your walls with whatever that you like, may it be posters, sculptures, or even other artwork. Hang up your art or prints that you have bought from other artists. Remember that there’s no limit to your imagination here. If you’re having trouble though, skimming through Pinterest could help you!

If you want to be more hands-on in how your studio looks like but have no idea, try giving these ways a shot. If you don’t like bare walls, paint them however you like! Maybe you can even dabble into oil-painting on them. If you like mementos, hang up some polaroids or fairy lights. You can even buy some cork boards from Daiso to pin things onto!

5. Reuse What You Already Have

The oldest yet craftiest thing you can do is to reuse what you have got! We never want to contribute to mass plastic production as it can damage our ecosystems. Plus, the best way to keep your bank account from drying out is to repurpose things you already have.

You do not always need to buy something new, but if you happen to do so then it is fine! Just ask yourself before purchasing something; can you reuse it a lot? For example, getting a new rag to clean your work table is okay since you can wash it and use it again. Jars and cardboard boxes can be repurposed as organizers for your tools like paint tubes, rulers, stationery, and more.

Once can also scavenge for old tees or pants to wear whenever working with something messy. It works especially if you deal a lot with wood-cutting, painting, modeling clay, or anything that easily stains. However, do note that chemicals like surfactants and solvents should never be reused!

If you follow all these steps, you will surely have your own creative space in no more than a week if you commit. Bear in mind that it is not a race though, so take your own sweet time in designing it. Hopefully, the result will be like a sanctuary you can escape to and brings you more joy than ever!

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