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How To Look Forward To 2021 With An Open Mindset

Updated: Jan 6

by Kim Shelly Tan. |

With everything life has thrown at us this year, many of us have started to live life dodging problems as they come, which is not at all fun. If anything, it is exhausting and may have left us unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The good news is, there is now very little left of 2020. The upcoming year that signifies a new beginning is still something that can give us hope… and that hopeful mindset can truly make a difference.

We might just be able to manifest a better year by looking at 2021 with great prospects. If you’re at a loss on how to welcome the new year, these tips below may be able to help you.

1. Let go of 2020

Many things have happened this year that may have hindered your plans. When problems are bigger than yourself, it is best to accept that there is nothing you could do about them.

It is important to forgive yourself for the milestones you have not reached this year. Let go of 2020 and take only its lessons, so you can enjoy the years to come. If you had plans that had to be cancelled, be reminded that there are still many years in your life to do those.

Release your thoughts about 2021 ending up being similar to 2020. Things change even when you physically cannot see it. An article from Thought Catalog says 2021 will need you to let go of the things that bind you and no longer serve you so you can step into the person you’re meant to be.

At the same time, celebrating what you have accomplished despite everything is also a good call. 2020 has been fierce, but you have been fiercer and that is something to take pride in.

2. Reassess yourself and your priorities

For sure, many things have changed within you during the lockdown. You may have found yourself exploring a new hobby. Perhaps you’ve even had thoughts of switching careers, starting a business or doing something completely unconventional.

Having feelings of fear because of this is totally normal. After all, our normal lives before the pandemic may not have posed much of a challenge. When we’re forced to be creative, doors to new possibilities also open.

Don’t be afraid of changing your goals simply because it might come across to others as quitting your original plan. “Quitting is giving up when something feels too difficult. Changing your mind is being honest with yourself,” says an article from The Four Hour Work Day.

However, you also shouldn’t just make the jump without having a plan. To find a new routine that works for you, look for people who are succeeding in your desired path and get pointers from them. Adapting their processes and finding out what does and what does not work for you will help you build your own routine.

3. Make flexible plans

Seeing how many plans needed to be postponed in 2020, it’s probably time to dismantle your belief in strict timelines. This includes getting that managerial position at 25 or getting married before 30.

You see, there is no right timeline. We are all different people who experience life at a different pace. And while it may appear that way, nobody really has their life together. We’re all just experimenting as we go.

It is not to say that we shouldn’t set goals, but rather that we should be kind to ourselves when setting goals. Work hard for that promotion, but don’t put all your time and effort into it because you’re much more than just an employee.

#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author John Green says we fear not fulfilling our plans because we believe we’re only supposed to do that one thing. We get stressed when making life decisions because we think that each time we make a choice, our options narrow.

To that, the author advises, “Study broadly without fear.” He also attests that, sometimes, life takes us where we least expect it to.

4. Learn to seize the moment

2020 was a learning experience. There may have been things you didn’t realize you were grateful for until you lost them. These include being able to spend time with family and friends, dining in at your favourite restaurant, or simply having a job. When these opportunities are abundant, they are often overlooked.

2021, then, should be a year of cherishing what you have without fear of losing them. It is in this way that you can make sure you’ll have no regrets. While it’s not at all easy to focus solely on the good, things like keeping a gratitude journal and finding time to introspect can help change your mindset.

With this, you should also not be afraid to explore new things. Take that class. Accept your old friend’s brunch invite. Start your dream business. Endless opportunities will come freely when you’re always willing to take the leap.

5. Welcome 2021 in good health

If there’s one lesson we got in 2020 that needs no interpretation, it is to maintain good health. Before 2021 comes, we should make sure that our overall physical health is at an optimum level to welcome the opportunities the new year will bring.

For this, a few, simple lifestyle changes can already go a long way. According to Cardiologist Singapore, people are often daunted by huge lifestyle changes relating to health, which is why they encourage taking baby steps to healthier living.

Cutting back on unhealthy food and switching to a healthier diet would be a good start. Keeping your stomach happy by maintaining a healthy metabolism can also improve your mood significantly, vouched by the experts at Endocrinologist Singapore.

Taking time to exercise every week is a good idea too. Going to the hospital for a general checkup at the beginning of the year can also prevent the onset of diseases.

When you begin to see positive changes in your life due to these simple steps, you may just be convinced to take your healthy lifestyle further… and reap even more rewards.

A final word is worth making here: remember that 2021 won’t be a complete restart. Anyone who has lived long enough knows that. With so many losses in 2020, there is no going back to our old version of ‘normal’. However, we can always make the most of what we have at any given moment. It is in this way we can turn things around.

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