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How To Keep It Together and Stop Losing Your Things

By Siti Aisyah. |

First and foremost, I have a confession to make - I am a recovering messy person. I like to call my mess an organized mess but who am I kidding? The possible reason why the both of us are here is because we like to think that we’ve got our shit together despite knowing our stuff is all over the place. And we want to get that sorted out.

One of my goals this year is to create and maintain good habits. Being a few months in, I think I am qualified to dish out some tips to stop losing your things with my few fair share of tips!

1) Spring clean cataloging

This is an important first step and the ultimate goal is to catalogue your belongings. In order to get a clutter-free space, we’d have to get through the probably most boring part - sorting through your junk, throwing out things you do not need and keep those that sparks joy in you. Whether you buy into the whole KonMari trend or not, you can’t deny that you wouldn’t really use items you don’t like that much. Once you have sorted that out, let’s move on to the next tip.

2) Place items at designated places

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Okay, maybe having a designated place for every single thing is a little bit too OCD – start with smaller items like your keys, wallet and accessories.

All you need to do is to remember to place them back in their rightful home everytime you’re done with it while keeping a mental image or a physical note somewhere which states where you place certain stuff. Plus, getting cute organisers would not only make your space look aesthetically pleasing and look totally different!

By knowing where everything is, you will know where to find it the next time. Or better yet, you will know exactly when it goes missing!

3) Make it a routine

Image: Miss Louie

A one-time spring cleaning doesn’t really work. It is a continuous maintenance. Before you sigh and decide to forgo this article because it sounds like a whole load of work, hear me out. To be able to take on a new habit, we’d need to train our mind to continually do the same thing over and over again for at least 40 days straight. You wouldn’t need to do it every day. Perhaps, set each day or even a weekly affair to organise certain spaces. Chances are you would find it less overwhelming.

4) Keep important documents in folders

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I know this sounds like a no-brainer but I honestly did not have a systematic approach to filing important documents before. And when tax season comes.. you wouldn’t want to know what happens. Sure, I do have folders but it was all jumbled up and if you ask me for a copy of something, I have to go through ALL of my folders to find it. Talk about inefficiency especially when it comes to work related documents.

Categorize your important documents. Make it as specific as possible e.g. education documents, medical documents, bills etc and most importantly, remember where you put the files! Put a label sticker outside of the folder with a description of its content.

If you prefer going digital, check out Adobe Scan, an app where you can turn pictures that you snap into a document. Take pictures of everything and keep a soft copy in your computer. A life-saver and you’ll be able to have it with you anytime.

5) Make a list of the items you have lent to people

I am sure after following all the tips above, you probably have a clearer idea on how to keep track of your items. You know exactly where everything is. But sometimes, there will be times where your friends or family would want to lend stuff from you. If that is the case, worry not.

This is the second best scenario; so every time this happens, jot down in a memo on the item and the lender especially when it comes to important items. Preferably on your phone so you have one less worry to remember where you kept that piece of paper!

Those are all the tips I have to share for today! Maybe some of these tips are applicable to you and would help you to not lose your stuff so easily anymore. The best thing about keeping a clean space is that, everything is easier to find. And during your cleaning process, you would end up finding your lost belongings anyway.

At the end of the day, the key to organisation is to not make it a chore and a boring thing to do. Take it lightly and take one step at a time!

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