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How to Get Rid of Bacne

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

We live in hot and humid Malaysia, which has, let’s face it, weather that encourages the appearance of pimples and acne. The existence of these aren’t limited to just your face, mind you. Sometimes they can take form on your back, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand that it can sometimes be embarrassing to wear back-baring clothes because of them.

Is there anything that can be done about these Hell spots, though? Here are a few tips to help you banish bacne.

Shower as soon as possible

Our bodies tend to produce more oil and sweat in hot and humid weather, and this of course, results in acne. Sadly, the majority of us aren’t escaping this predicament anytime soon, so it’s best to be consistent in our acne prevention. The first step is to shower as soon as possible when you return home- especially when you’re returning home from the gym. This is to get rid of all the oil, sweat and sunscreen from your skin; you don’t want these building up around your hair follicles. An infected hair follicle means acne, which is what we want to avoid.

Use a gentle body wash that contains salicylic acid

This helps to reduce inflammation and unclog pores. As implied above, it is best to use this consistently, as our weather makes our backs perfect breeding grounds for that dreaded bacne. Do this every day and it’ll reduce, if not banish, the appearance of bacne.

Use spot treatment but avoid benzoyl peroxide

Bacne can be treated using the same products meant for facial acne. So if you desire, you can use a spot treatment to speed up the banishing process. Be sure to avoid products that contain benzoyl peroxide, though; this is because it tends to bleach fabrics. You don’t want to find white spots on your cute top at the end of the day.

Do use a scrub

But do be gentle. If you aggravate the skin by scrubbing too hard, you could end up over drying it. This leads it to producing even more oil and in turn, breaking out. Not a very pretty sight. Alternatively, you could use a shower puff and a salicylic acid body wash instead. Scrub gently when you use this combo, and don’t forget to wash the shower puff immediately after your shower. These things are hotbeds for bacteria to grow in, and we don’t want that.

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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