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How To Future Proof Yourself During Times Of Uncertainty

by Lily Low. |

Aside from the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought, uncertainty can also come in the form of struggling with work, maintaining our self-care, or the doubts we face while making important life choices about the future. The question then arises: how do we future proof ourselves and the different areas of our lives?


While adapting to uncertainty, businesses need to learn how to anticipate problems and develop possible solutions beforehand. How do we cultivate a problem-solution mindset?

In every business, these issues must be addressed:

  1. Know your target market. Keep in mind who you are reaching.

  2. Reach your customers: Use advertising, promotion, or networking to meet your customers where they already are. Show your customers how your product or service can benefit them.

  3. Bring your customer to your store or website. Make sure your website or platform is user-friendly and easy for potential customers to navigate around.

  4. Persuade your customers to purchase your product.

  5. Deliver the goods.

  6. Collect testimonials and referrals.

From this list of issues, you may have pinpointed the problems involved. However, you can only fix one issue at a time. Companies may have to re-structure or brainstorm a plan to ensure that they have at least 6-12 months' worth of reserve to sustain their business.

The Balance Small Business provided 10 tips for improving small businesses. Some of the tips include keeping cash flow up-to-date, setting clear goals and objectives, or building a social presence that attracts customers to your business. By setting out goals, these act as a framework to make plans to move forward with your business. Businesses need to be aware of what is trending and current issues happening in their specific industry or local community. Mapping out clear objectives and the business’s limitations can help in managing resources better, and finding assistance in areas of weakness.


An uncertainty we may have is whether we would lose touch with our existing skills or work. There are online classes available on platforms such as Masterclass and Skillshare that allows you to brush up, practice, or learn new things as well.

Another alternative that can be considered is to build a side-income. We can start by investing in 1 hard-skill that we can work on to pick up freelance jobs. Examples of hard skills include language skills, design, data analysis, or marketing skills. Several platforms offer freelance jobs such as Freelancer, Fiverr, or LinkedIn ProFinder. Depending on whether you are new to freelancing or the industry you are looking for, these choices will influence which platform is more suited for you.


As for our personal lives, it is during times of uncertainty that we learn how to adapt. When something changes, we have to learn how to be flexible.

In changing our mindset, we have to first be open to change. There are mindsets and counter-mindsets. By identifying what works for you and is productive, this will help in addressing the uncertainty and finding a solution. Tracing back to the motive of your goal or dream allows you to start afresh and re-focus.

Direct your energy towards the things you can control – planning out your schedule, keeping track of your personal spending, taking care of yourself to avoid fatigue. Keeping a journal helps me to plan out each day. I may not know what might happen a year from now, but I focus my mind, instead, on my most current tasks at hand; and I do so by asking myself, “What are the most pressing things I can get done or tackle first?” Keeping a journal helps me to envision my current tasks and deadlines better while being able to have a rough plan for the future.

In times of difficulty, you can approach the situation in two ways. The first option is to put your head in the sand and be fearful, resentful and think of yourself as a victim. The second — more positive and also more effective — approach is to accept the situation as a challenge and take action. Treat disruptions as a way to reinvent yourself and pursue new opportunities.

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