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How To Achieve Your Goals With These Time Management Tips

by Shakila Sam. |

Achieving goals, although as menial as it sounds, can be extremely difficult. Goals, more often than not, are just mere reasons to get us excited to start on something new for the new year. Thus, we often get carried away at the end of the year upon reflecting and dwelling on our failed goals which we have so eagerly set in the beginning of the year. It is a repetitive cycle that we all do every year, and it is time to break it.

So, to avoid feeling like a slacker, we must know exactly what we want to achieve for the year instead of just setting a bunch of goals (which are likely not of our interest in the first place).

But fret not. If you really have your goals set and want to achieve them, it can be attained through consistent effort and good time management.

Here are my personal tips and how-tos to get you started on managing your time well.

1. Prioritize Your Goals

Again, don't just set goals for the mere reason of having them. You first have to know what you want to achieve (and why you want to achieve them). Knowing what you want to achieve can help you visualize the end result you intend on getting and save you the time from focusing on goals that you don’t plan on achieving yet.

Make it a priority to go through your goals and set a specific timeline on attainable and realistic ones. Divide your goals - from most important to less important - and subdivide them into attainable timelines. By doing this, you are able to prioritize the bigger, more prominent goals. Breaking down big goals into a process of small parts and tasks will help you achieve them in a timely manner.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan!

I cannot stress this enough. Planning is essential to manage your time well and get you started on almost anything. I would feel lost if I just winged it and didn’t have a proper plan to get through the day. Having your day planned out will give you a base to stand on and to make the most out of the day. This will be beneficial and easier when you have your goals sorted out into smaller tasks.

But remember, flexibility is key! Having a base to get you going is good, but don’t overstress it. Do as you may, and if you are unable to complete some of your tasks, there is always tomorrow.

Go through your to-do lists the night before, and update as needed. I use both paper and digital calendars to plan out my goals and my daily to-do lists. Incorporating this system into my routine has tremendously helped me to stay ahead in my game.

3. Create A Good Management System

Like I’ve mentioned, I use both paper and digital as I find that this system works best for me. I would first create a weekly to-do list and monthly goals (which I feel is attainable in that particular week and month) onto my paper planner. I would then transfer everything from my paper planner onto my digital calendar, dividing and sorting them into different categories (work, personal, studies, etc) and time period.

By going digital, I get a proper glimpse of my whole week and month, and I can adjust them accordingly. This system works wonders for me and saves me a lot of time. As a result, I have consistently managed to cross out almost everything on my list.

4. Smart Multitasking

Multitasking is key to get the most out of your day. Look into things that won’t necessarily take much effort but can be very useful to save your precious time. For instance, sneak in a quick home workout on your laundry day. Laundry takes about an hour and the time spent waiting for it can be put to good use. In an hour, you can get your clothes washed and some fats burned as well!

The idea of meal prepping is also associated with managing your time. Weekly meal prep will save you a lot of time from cooking every single day, especially if you are a full-time working adult. Don’t be taken aback by the amount of food you’ll be cooking. Instead, take it as a way for you to save time (and money) from your hectic daily schedule. Have a proper planning on what you need to cook for the week, and you can roughly estimate the time it will take you.

A pro tip for multitasking on top of saving time: roasting vegetables or cooking a one-pot meal takes about 40-50 minutes; as your food cooks, take this time to clean your house while you wait! With that, you’d have your meals and chores settled in under an hour.

These simple yet effective tips and how-tos can give you an idea on how to get started. You can incorporate them into your routine, and slowly work your way into finding what works best for you. Don’t stress on perfecting your style as you are constantly growing and evolving. Always start small and progress through along the way. Once you get the hang of it, you will get to achieve your goals in no time!

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