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How Impatience Is Killing Your Dreams

by Ismah Sakina. |

“Imagination allows you to think of the journey worth making. Motivation gets you started. But, it's patience and perseverance that get you there” is a famous quote by Ernie J. Zelinski. In this quote, Zelinski’s not only pressing on the significance of imagination or the power of motivation. Zelinski was also trying to shed light on the wonders of patience and perseverance; how it is key to our journey of working on our dreams.

It is fair to say that most of us have been able to relate with this quote at least at one point in our lives. For example, when we found the best idea for our assignment and our progress was great in the early parts of our work process, however, we find our energy declining through the end of the project. The exhaustion we feel from impatience, the giddiness to finish our project fast. This results in our finished work not being in the standard range we hoped for in the beginning, due to our impatience.

There are so many other scenarios that manifest the trueness of the statement that impatience could kill our dreams. At least for me, I have experienced this when trying to start my own business, where I gave up halfway because I was impatient, and I wanted the result to materialize quickly.

The question remains, how exactly does impatience kill our dreams? This article intends to explain just that!

Impatience makes you forget the end goal

When we start working on something, that is a part of the journey to achieve our dreams, we often start by envisioning the end goal that we wish to achieve. For instance, the recognition we wish to receive from completing our dream project, or the profit we envisioned after five years of starting a company from scratch. This end goal is the spark of our motivation when we first started pursuing our dreams. However, to see our end goals through, we need to be patient because no one can expect the progress of a certain pursuit.

When we are impatient, we tend to forget what’s waiting on the other side. Often times when one is too focused on reaching the end goal at an unreasonable fast pace, chances are they might suffer from drastic loss of motivation. It’s impossible to foresee the heaviness of the challenges we have to face as a requisite to success. Impatience makes it worse as it creates an illusion that we are on a time crunch in this journey. Instead of reminding ourselves that success can’t be achieved overnight, we just focus on the stress caused by the delayed result.

When we focus too much on how stressful the process is, we tend to either give up or settle for less. Focusing on the stress we’re feeling would make us lose the vision we had. This negative diversion of focus happens when we’re too restless in working towards our goal. Not only that this would be bad for our mental health, but this would also make us forget why we started in the first place. Forgetting why we started can make us bow to the urge of giving up, which proves that impatience is not a good friend of persistence. As said by Edmund Mbiaka, “Motivation is what gets you started, but persistence is the only thing that gets you success!”

Impatience makes us detest the process

Once we lose our motivation, enjoying the process would be a faraway dream. In the words of famous author Richard Adams, “You're trying to eat grass that isn't there. Why don't you give it a chance to grow?”. This goes to show that in order for something to flourish, we have to give it time and care. Without wanting to be patient, we’ll lose so many things in the process that are valuable to ourselves and to our dreams.

Simerjeet Singh couldn’t have said it better when he wrote “Enjoy the process and watch the results surpass your wildest expectation”. It’s all about the focus, have you heard of the glass half full, half empty analogy? If you look at a glass that is half-filled with water, would you say that it’s half-full or half-empty? The same goes in this context when we’re working towards achieving our dream, we need to enjoy the process. Our glasses can’t be filled by itself. If we want our glasses to be filled, we’d have work for it. Oh, and it’s gonna cost us our time and energy which are the sworn enemies of impatience. But it’s more than just the frustrations of failed first attempts, the working long hours, or the sleepless nights. It’s the smiles on our customer’s faces when they purchase our products, it’s the satisfaction we feel when we complete our tasks, and most importantly it’s the lives we touch along the way. All the things we feel during the process are the very things that are gonna fill our glasses!

Be patient and enjoy the process, and you’ll be just an inch away from your dreams.

This drift of focus would not only demotivate us, but it could also cost us our sense of self.impatience acknowledge its relation to the future but ignores its relation to the past”

Impatience causes burnout

Have you ever heard the association of impatience and anger? The unwillingness to wait for something demotivates a person from continuing what they have started. Have you ever waited for someone who is late for a meeting? The feeling of frustration for not getting what you expect leads you to give up. This is how impatience causes burnout, a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. The excessive stress referred to here, is the one caused by impatience.

This wouldn’t be ideal in a journey to success, right? When we decide to work on something, it is vital that we acknowledge how much time it’s gonna take us. We might not be able to know for certain whether it’s gonna take us 2 or 3 years, but what’s for sure is that it wouldn’t happen overnight. To be blunt, impatience stands in the way of this acknowledgement. This could hurt our journey to success, as the burnout we feel from not wanting to be patient would test us in so many ways and make us feel like quitting.

When we are unwilling to wait for the result, we become tired and prone to giving up. In short, impatience is not a friend of resilience. And without resilience, we wouldn’t be able to face our challenges head-on. Hence, putting a halt on our process.

Impatience is the opposite of passion

“Love and impatience do not mix well. They are like water and oil.” What this quote indicates is that love and passion are patient. If we want to remain passionate about the process of achieving our dreams, patience is key. Impatience takes away our passion as it fills our days with frustrations and stress. To the point at which we don’t enjoy doing the things we’re passionate about anymore. This would then lead us to associate our passion with all these negative feelings caused by impatience. Losing our passion means costing us our sense of self.impatience acknowledge its relation to the future but ignores its relation to the past”

Passion is crucial in a process as it keeps us happy and motivated. Motivation is the fuel to persistence while being happy at what we do eases the entire journey. Remaining passionate about our dreams would mean that we’re always gonna give it our best shot, one day at a time. Without passion, the stress we feel due to the obstacle we face would feel like it is amplified. With passion, we start our days with a smile on our face, all set to face the obstacles we are bound to face!

Impatience could hurt us in a sense where it takes away our passion. Hence, also taking away the joy and motivation we ought to feel when working our way to achieving our goals. Without those important elements, we would not be able to find joy in our efforts and investments.

In conclusion, impatience in and of itself is not a harmful emotion. Sometimes, it can be vital for us humans. However, if we don't take steps to control it, it can demotivate us, burn us out, and kill our passion. What you could try to control impatience is learning breathing techniques to calm yourself, remind yourself of what could be the result, and strategize! Fret not, impatience is an emotion that can be curbed, you must not let it get in the way of you and your dreams!

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