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How I Utilise Pinterest to Help Me Improve My Creative Skills

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

by Erica Yong. |

Pinterest is an amazing resource and my way to wind down after a long day. I can spend hours scrolling through my feed, getting lost in the ocean of ideas and pinning my favourites to their respective boards.

All of this is not a mindless activity, though. The time I spend on Pinterest has helped me hone my creative skills in many ways. Here’s how:

1. Begin every creative project with a mood board

I like to use Pinterest to create boards to inspire me for my next artwork. If I want to go for a certain vibe or style, I would gather them in one board over a few days or weeks before actually attempting it. It helps me look at how others have attempted this style or vibe before doing my own interpretation of it. You can say that it’s a kind of research. However, I can put all the results of this research in one place, enabling me to come back to it from time to time before I start creating.

One example of this was when I wanted to attempt lettering with a pattern in the background.

I had to look at patterns and certain examples of the style of lettering I wanted. Here's a piece of artwork as an example:

2. Tutorials are everywhere

Pinterest is a haven for tutorials. You can simply search and enter whatever you want to learn with terms like “tutorials”, “step by step” or “beginners” and you will get what feels like an endless stream of results. Some pins would either be visual step-by-step tutorials, hacks to make things easier or short videos of an artist’s process. I have a board each for drawing tutorials and lettering tutorials. Both have served me well.

There are even certain profiles and boards that are dedicated to art resources and other kinds of tutorials. Two that come to mind include Character Design References and Hair Tutorials by missysueblog. I’m confident that resources for almost anything can be found on Pinterest.

Want to see more tutorials of the same variety? Click on your desired pin, follow the link of its origin, and you will find yourself looking at what could be resources and tools that are helpful to you.

In short, Pinterest is a gateway for resources that you can use to teach yourself things.

3. Exposed to new things

Another great part of Pinterest is that it makes recommendations to you via new ideas in your home feed. These ideas are related to my interests but can be something that I have never considered. This opens me up to new ways of approaching a style or any aspect of my creative work. It gives me the opportunity for experimentation and some practice.

Aside from that, one thing that I like to experiment within my hand lettering is patterns. However, there are times that I just repeat the same variations of the same kind of pattern, using the same shapes and the same techniques. You could also attempt at trying out different patterns and styles that I saw on Pinterest here and here for starters.

4. Looking into the minds of your favourite creators

Another aspect of Pinterest that I find helpful is that I’m not the only one using it to up my creative game. Creatives on Pinterest curate boards of things that inspire them or of their other interests. Following them and taking a look at their boards gives me a glimpse into what influences my work. This helps me to find other sources of inspiration, to take a look at things from a different lens. A few creatives that I follow include Stefan Kunz, Jessica Hische, Jill De Haan and Nick Misani.

Pinterest is an amazing place to be for a creative person but most of us often underutilise or don't really know how to use it to our advantage. So, the next time you are in need of inspiration or ideas to take your work to the next level, try using Pinterest to improve your creative game.

You may find out more about Erica on her Instagram too.

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