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How Having Good Sleep Can Increase Your Productivity More Than You Think

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

by Yashini Suppayah. |

“Sleep is for the weak.”

I’m sure some of us have heard of this before or probably have said it at least once in our lifetime back in our university days where we can run on even just 3 hours of sleep. We’d be up late rushing to complete our assignments, pulling all-nighters during finals season or just simply binge-watching our favourite TV series.

But let’s face it. As we are peeking through “adulthood”, sleep is something we realised we have been taking advantage of and we probably can’t run on 3 hours of sleep anymore with a 8 hour job 5 days a week. Our minds and body can’t function as well.

I mean, who does not love to sleep? I am pretty sure everyone does, but at the same time, we’re not asking you to sleep twice the amount but a healthy 7-9 hours a day during the days you have the luxury to. You’d be surprised at how much energy you’ll get and less cranky you’d be before having that cup of coffee.

You’ll definitely feel better and it could increase your level of productivity:

1. Enhances our ability to stay alert throughout the day.

A well-rested brain promotes our body and mind with good amount of energy to be attentive and focused, instead of going through the day feeling sluggish and cranky because of sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep could allow you to process slower as in responding to time and lower accuracy rate on doing simple tasks.

You'd find yourself quickly jumping in and out of your "mojo" doing that proposal or report you needed to hand in as soon as possible or even as simple as staying alert braving through the morning traffic to work.

2. Improve your memory.

When you look at the neurological aspects, the neurons in the brain rewires and refreshes when we are asleep. Sleeping creates long lasting memories and it is easier the retrieve those information from our working memory AKA short-term memory.

To give a more practical scenario - if you’re more alert, it improves your memory and you’ll find that you'll remember your schedule and tasks better, deadlines to meet and discussions you've had during your meetings.

3. Focus better and avoid distractions.

I know, we are bounded to some sort of distractions nowadays especially when you’re feeling tired. Be it scrolling your feed on social media or the random hunger pangs, if a person does not enough sleep, they would feel tired and lazy then, leading them to succumb to these distractions. Having a good sleep keeps the brain awake and fresh.

You will find yourself more focused at work that if you find any distraction coming your way, you will quickly get over it because you are focused on getting things done.

4. Sleep helps us to make better decisions.

Have you ever felt like you’re not feeling your best and made clumsy errors at work? Then coming home after your mess filled day complaining to your friend over the phone?

This might be because of the lack of sleep and that you tend to rush on to everything. A well-rested person would be able to be more attentive and aware about the surroundings and also one’s emotions. Staying in control is the key! For example, a person who sleeps well will choose to start their day with gratitude but sleep deprived person tend to complain because they are not in control of their decisions and responses to their circumstances.

5. Having enough sleep also means that you have a great amount of leisure time later.

If you were to have sufficient amount of sleep, you’d be able to wake up on time, get things done quicker and better which means you would have spare time for yourself. Less time spent on slacking also means less time spent at the office (Yes, possibly few OT days!). Some companies allow their employees to leave earlier if they are done with their work due to the flexible working hours as well.

Having leisure time means you can do other activities to keep you more productive throughout the day. For example, you get to hit the gym before work, get off work early to workout or even work on a personal project that you have been wanting to start for a very long time!

Get a good sleep and be productive to enjoy every bit of your life!

You may find out more about Yashini on her Instagram too.

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