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How Do We Demonstrate Leadership and Get Things Done?

by W. Nurnisa. |

Being in charge of something you weren't expected is nerve-wracking or there could be a situation when you know things need to get done but no one wants to take responsibility for it. The thought of delegating tasks, taking leadership, and responsibility for it could be another headache for you. Even when you know at the back of your mind that you can do it to lead a project at work or school, the thought of not meeting expectations might make you question your credibility. You tell yourself that you are not born to be one.

Truth it, not everyone is fully ready to be a leader but we can definitely learn to be one.

Whatever your situation is, we have got your back covered with some tips on how to take leadership and delegate tasks so things get done!

To kick-off, as a leader, the most important part of the job is to have a goal. It will help your colleagues or peers clearly see what your aim is, thus easing communication because you will be on the same page of trying to get to the same destination. It would also be a guide to everyone on the team so that idea development can be tailored around that common goal. Essentially, having a goal is fundamental in making sure people are aware of what and how they can contribute to realizing the project.

Next, it's important to have a vision of how you want that goal to be achieved, as well as how it would appear as an end product. By having a clear overview of the end goal, only then, you would be able to create a 'bulletproof' plan of the lists of things-to-do that are laid out in detail to ensure everyone knows what they need to perform prior to the realization of the goal. This is very important especially when it comes to the execution part of plans. It should act as a guide too for you and your team to take the steps needed in order to get to your destination. Having a clear vision, it would also help your team to be well-informed of how to get things done your way so that your goal can be achieved.

When you have your goal and vision, pencil out an action plan that includes who needs to accomplish what by when. This should aid in expecting how much time you will need to achieve your goal and warranting you to get things done in time. It will also draw focus on what is important and urgent to be completed first. An action plan can help you see how much progress you have made as well as remind you what else needs to be carried out to reach your goal.

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Being the leader also means knowing how to delegate tasks among your colleagues or peers effectively. This can be effective if you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses they possess so that you will know who is fit to accomplish a specific task that is in line with your vision. But this can only be more manageable if you have a strong relationship with them or if you don't, now is never too late to build it. Assigning people to work on things that they are experts in their own skills will guarantee a job completed on time and pleasantly. In the case that there are less skilful people on your team, have them work together with experienced ones so that they would be able to polish their skills on the job and will not have to learn from scratch on their own, which will take time.

On that note, it might also help if you create a work hierarchy/plan so that you know who can be relied on the most and who needs guidance to complete a task. Those who have the right skills needed to get a job done should be your right hand and assigned to tasks accordingly.

That being said, it's also as important to not micro-manage but to trust and allow them to make their own decisions at the end of the day.

The seniors to take responsibility of guiding or facilitating the lesser experienced ones so that by the end of the project, everyone on your team would have undergone growth and be able to stand on their own feet in the future. In the working environment, this can be a way of sharing knowledge amongst colleagues which should be in favour of a company’s strength and reputation development

Of course, no one can be a leader overnight and especially after only just reading this article. We hope that you would be able to be more confident to be a leader who can delegate tasks efficiently to achieve your goal.

Here is a reminder for you: You are capable of doing a great job and you will do it amazingly. Just bear in mind that even leaders fall or get stuck sometimes. That is why you have a team to support you and help carry you to your destination. Remember to listen to them and be open to everyone’s ideas because they all are trying to get to the same place as you are. Last but not least, have faith and put your trust in them.

Good luck!

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