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How Being Grateful Made Me a Happier Person

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

by Da Ruey. |

What is gratitude? Simply put gratitude is the ability to be thankful. Sounds easy enough? Well, that is probably because it is not a difficult concept or idea to understand. However, practising gratitude on a regular basis is not an easy task.

It’s easy to be grateful for the amazing people and things in our lives when things are going well. It’s harder to be grateful when life gets increasingly difficult. So, why be grateful at all?

Practising gratitude helps us have a positive outlook on life regardless of the situations we might face. Ultimately, it changes us to become happier people. Allow me to share with you a few ways gratitude made me a happier person.

1. I started appreciating the littlest things in life

Practising gratitude has made me even more thankful for the small blessings that happen in my daily life such as when someone holds the elevator door open for me, gives me a nice compliment or does the simplest of favours for me.

Being grateful has helped me realise that these little things mean more than grand gestures because they represent the care, attention, kindness and love that someone else has thought or have done for me. This brings me joy every time I practice gratitude.

2. I find myself to be in a better mood

As I practised gratitude, I realised a strange occurrence. My mood has become generally way more upbeat and jovial. It has become really hard to get me upset or distressed. Whenever something threatens to spoil my mood, I would just try my best to find even one thing about my day or situation to be thankful for and it would immediately improve my mood even in the slightest of ways. I am a much happier person as I am able to focus on how blessed I am in whatever situation and that generally helps me overcome whatever problems I’m facing.

3. I appreciate and treat the people around me better

When I started becoming more grateful, I became more thankful for the things and people in my life. This naturally led to me wanting to make others feel the same way. I started seeking opportunities to do even the smallest of things to help someone else feel the way I felt. It’s honestly surprising how many opportunities there were for me to help make someone else’s day better when I actively started seeking them out. When I did get to do something for someone else, I became happier just by knowing that their day and lives were a tiny bit more joyful because of what I had done.

“When you’re grateful for what you have, you start worrying about others and not yourself.”

4. I stop getting jealous of others' achievements

I remember scrolling through social media and being envious of how my friends were enjoying new experiences or had possessions I did not have. This made me discontent with what I had and I always felt lacking in one way or another. As I practised gratitude more and more, I slowly became less envious of others and genuinely happy that they were having such fulfilling experiences and wealth. Gratitude made me realise the value of what I already have and that there was no point in being jealous of someone else’s good fortune.

5. I'm worrying less about the things I can't control

After some time, gratitude has helped me realise that there are things that I cannot control and that it is perfectly alright that way. Instead of worrying or freaking out and wanting to control the outcome, I have learned to be grateful for my abilities and responsibilities, and have learned not to worry about everything else. I have become a much happier person when I started worrying less.

I’ve shared with you a couple of ways that gratitude has made me a happier person. So, how can you start being more grateful in life? I would recommend starting by consciously finding at least one thing to be grateful about at the end of the day before you go to bed. It not only helps you to end your day on a positive note but prepares you for an even better day ahead.

Write it down in your notes on your phone or if you have a planner/journal, write it down - there's just something about writing down on pen and paper that would give you a better sense of satisfaction after. Good luck and maybe it's time to start reflecting.

You may find out more about Da Ruey on his Instagram too.

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