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Honor 9 Lite: The Budget King You’ve Been Waiting For

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

One of the best things about honor is that its smartphones are jam-packed with features at an affordable price. This time around, honor introduces the Honor 9 Lite, which is clearly a creation that is aimed at budding photographers and Instagrammers on a budget.

Considering our Community, that sounds just about perfect for us, don’t you think? Wink wink.

So aside from the fact that the Honor 9 Lite is a powerhouse on a budget, what are the specific features that make it so special?

Let’s find out.

Aesthetic – Premium Elegance

Born with sleek minimalism, the Honor 9 Lite inherited its design from the Honor 9. It possesses a slim, streamlined body that is fitted with a polished glass back, which gives off a stunning glow. More than just bearing a gorgeous design, however, the Honor 9 Lite’s look hides an unexpected feature.

As previously mentioned, the Honor 9 Lite is geared towards those with a love for photography. Bearing this in mind, honor decided to enhance your photo-taking experience by installing a mirror-like feature in the glass. This allows users to check their reflection before snapping their desired selfie shot.

Security - Faceunlock

What could be a better way to unlock your phone than facial recognition? Fast, effective and easy, this feature is one that the Honor 9 Lite is readily equipped with. It not only ensures that you’re the only one who can access your phone, it also protects your privacy from those who could have memorized your passcode. Nifty, right?

Now you’ll have one less password to remember!

Stunning Photographs – Where Do I Even Begin?

When we think of honor, affordability isn’t the only thing that comes to mind. The stunning photographs its line of smartphones are capable of snapping are the one other defining feature that it is known for. It is difficult not to, when its impressive dedication to quality photography has led it to make progress in leaps and bounds over the years.

For instance, the Honor 9 Lite houses not two cameras, but four. An undeniably unique trait among smartphones, especially among midrange models, the Honor 9 Lite ups the ante by showing off 13MP + 2MP dual-lens cameras on both the front and back. The reality of selfies having the exact same quality as front photos is finally here!

As usual, you may add that well desired bokeh effect to your photograph as well as enhance your photograph by playing with the “beauty level” bar.

As a bonus, the Honor 9 Lite amps things up by making it so much easier for you to take proper shots if you’re in need of a photographer. All you need to do? Make use of the “Gesture Control” feature by waving in front of the camera. The camera will then countdown to two seconds and take the photograph automatically.


Visuals – A More Cinematic Experience

Want to know something fun? The 18:9 FHD+ display of the Honor 9 Lite’s FullView Display is close to the 21:9 ratio used by cinemas.

With a cinematic experience resting in the palm of your hand, fitted in a slim, easy-to-carry body, it is no wonder that the Honor 9 Lite’s is often touted as the King of Budget Smartphones. Immersing yourself in your favourite video has never been more thrilling.

Smart Multitasking – Split Screen

Ever wished you could listen to music or watch Youtube videos while text messaging your friends? Then found yourself frustrated whenever you had to pause whatever you were doing just to reply to that one message?

With the Honor 9 Lite’s split screen feature, you needn’t worry about that anymore. It supports instant messaging tools and social media platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google Chrome. What makes it even better is that thanks to this model’s FullView display, it is the perfect fit for the split screen feature.

Other Cool Features

There are just so many things one can fit into a smartphone, but with honor, the list just keeps going. Here is a few more that caught my eye:

  • Anti-mistouch function: If there is one common gripe that smartphone users have, it is that as nice as touchscreen cellphones are, they also come with the danger of being used by mistake. How? Sometimes, all it takes is a slight mistouch, or a jostle of your bag for your phone to suddenly call your grandma. The Honor 9 Lite makes sure none of that nonsense happens because it can detect up to 65 mistouch scenarios, including a brush from your cheek, thigh, arm, pocket, bag and more.

  • Three-finger screenshot: Smart convenience is the name of the game when it comes to this phone. honor never forgets to deliver as seamless an experience as possible, and has therefore invented the “three-finger screenshot”. To create a screenshot, you just have to swipe three fingers down your screen. Easy peasy.

  • Fingerprint identification: Facial recognition not your style? If you’re feeling a bit more old-fashioned, then perhaps you’d be pleased to know that the Honor 9 Lite also offers an ultra-fast (0.25 seconds!) fingerprint unlock feature. To unlock the device, you’ll have to place your finger on the fingerprint sensor at the back of the screen.

Brilliant, perceptive and inventive; descriptions that are apt for the Honor 9 Lite.

For more information, check out the Honor 9 Lite here

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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