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Which Hobbies Should Be Monetized And Turned Into Side Hustles

by Joycelyn Ong. |

Thinking about new ideas on how to start a side hustle? Well, the best way to start is to work on the combination of your own interests and strengths. Most of the time, they are shown through your present hobbies, skills and passion. Here are some hobbies that you could consider to be monetized to help you earn some side income and potentially lead to new transitions in your careers.

Photography and Videography

To get the ball rolling, start creating and curating an offline and online portfolio with your previous works. Use different themes that can display your capability in terms of a keen sense of visual and aesthetics. You will never know who you will bump into, so always be prepared to meet potential client(s) or collaborators.

That being said, let your close friends and family members know that you are available to work during occasions such as birthday parties, bridal showers and weddings. When the photos or videos are uploaded on social media, make sure you are credited with your full name alongside complete links to your website.

Apart from that, you can also try out stock photography at websites such as Shutterstock where you start as a contributor of various images. Quantity and quality are equally important here, as various angles and shots might appeal differently to a wide range of worldwide audience. While you might not see immediate results, this is a free and simple way to showcase your photography skills. It will also give you a sense of satisfaction whenever someone downloads/ purchases your images because you will receive your revenue as the creator with copyright ownership.

You can start to build your portfolio through websites such as Flickr and YouPic that help you to organize and present your photos in a personalized gallery.


If you have been an avid reader for a long time, you would have developed a knack for language and maybe even writing along the years. Constant reading will eventually help you to naturally identify grammatical errors and inappropriate sentence structures instantly! You might even find yourself volunteering to be the “compiler/editor” when it comes to the final stages of assignments or at work. Before you know it, you are developing a new superpower - proofreading!

During my undergraduate days, I often helped my housemates and friends to proofread their simple 1000 words essay or PowerPoint presentations before submission. Then, as we started our final year projects, they actually offered to pay me to proofread their final year thesis. One thesis led to another and through word of mouth and my friend’s recommendation, I was able to work on other proofreading projects and earn my first side income during my final year!

Apart from promoting your proofreading services consistently on social media, you could also sign up for a basic Upwork account to promote your skills to enterprises and individuals from all over the world. This would come in handy if you have plans to venture into freelance proofreading in the future.

Tip: Never shy away from volunteering to help others. You will never know about the impression you make along the way. People would recognize a work that is well done.

Playing Musical Instruments or Singing

If you are musically inclined, you can definitely start by recording clips of yourself performing or singing covers, and then uploading them on YouTube or your social media accounts. Remember, before Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth were playing on our radio, they were uploading their singing clips on YouTube.

One of my best friends actually successfully transitioned into this side hustle when she casually uploaded her self-arranged piano cover of an original soundtrack on Youtube two years ago. Not long after that, the video attracted many views and compliments as well as requests for the full piano score that she has arranged.

She soon realized the potential and decided to upload more piano covers of other OSTs on a regular basis after rebranding her YouTube channel. On top of that, she also set up a web store to sell and promote her self-arranged piano sheets of several other famous and upcoming Asian dramas’ OSTs. Her YouTube channel and web store has since grown and is continuing to attract many clients (drama and music lovers alike from all over the world!). The best part, she is getting paid in USD!

After establishing your online presence and your subscribers start to increase, you can also create a Patreon account as a way to kick start a tangible plan to expand your content to something more solid with more stable returns through the support from your audience.

Tip: Identify your targeted audience alongside the latest trends.

Cooking, Baking, Artwork and All Things DIY

If there are a few things that the MCO has taught us apart from the importance of practising good hygiene, it would be how essential food is to us and how we can use our time at home more creatively. There seems to be a sudden rise of promising chefs and bakers and artists all over the Internet.

If you are thinking of starting your own humble home business, ask for honest reviews and objective evaluations on the products that you intend to sell, be it food, crafts or other things. Begin to plan in terms of budgeting, pricing, packaging and delivering.

Again, start selling and promoting from your social circle, including close friends and family members. Maximize the power of social media marketing as well as word of mouth to spread the news to as many people as possible. If you are thinking of establishing a simple web store to display your products or showcase your services, Wix is the right platform for you to kick start your side hustle as it is a user- friendly and cost-effective website builder for beginners.

Do not underestimate your hobbies, interests and passions, develop and nurture them to be something greater than you can imagine. The saying “All roads lead to Rome” especially rings true in this context where the hobbies mentioned above are equally potential to land you to many doors of opportunities.

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