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Here Are 10 Ballzy Facts About Dragon Ball

In light of the release of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly", here is an article dedicated to one of the biggest manga series to ever come out of the Land of the Rising Sun.

For many anime-lovers out there (especially those in their late 20s and onwards!), "Dragon Ball" was very much a part of their childhood. So to see yet another movie of this beloved series released? What a treat!

Admittedly, though, because "Dragon Ball" has been around for so long, it is only natural for a couple of "Dragon Ball" facts to fall through the cracks or be left forgotten. Here's a quick list of a few fun facts both old and new about this ass-kicking anime/manga:

  1. As of 2018, "Dragon Ball" is one of the top highest grossing media franchises of all time. Yes, that includes non-Japanese media franchises.

  2. The manga was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump from 1984 to 1995, with the 519 jaw-dropping individual chapters collected into 42 volumes!

  3. Akira Toriyama hated "Dragonball Evolution" so much that it inspired him to write "Dragon Ball Super". Talk about anger!

  4. To make things spicier, Toriyama was actually relieved when "Dragon Ball Z" came to an end because it was a respite from "deadline hell".

  5. When it comes to "Dragon Ball Super" the anime is the main product, not the manga. A change from the majority of anime-manga relationships, as it usually goes the other way around.

  6. In "Dragon Ball Super", most of Gohan's scenes are filler. Alas.

  7. As one of the most popular and longest running series, "Dragon Ball" has produced 20 animated feature films, 3 television specials and 2 anime sequel series titled "Dragon Ball GT" and "Dragon Ball Super".

  8. "Dragon Ball" is arguably one of the most major influences in boosting the popularity of Japanese animation in Western culture. That's how popular it is.

  9. Although both the drawing and writing duties were largely done by the man himself in the past, Toriyama has stepped back for "Dragon Ball Super" and only writes major parts of the arcs. Much of the rest? Those are handled by his hand-picked successor, Toyotaro. The same is true for the manga adaptation.

  10. For fun, here's a new fact about "Dragon Ball". To promote "Dragon Ball Super: Broly", the series is having a collaboration with Tokyo Skytree, where visitors can relive moments from "Dragon Ball", view production materials from the upcoming film and so much more. The event started on 1 November 2018 and will end on 7 January 2019.

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly" is now in cinemas

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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