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Hacks I Learned When I Started Living Alone

by Jaime Chan.

So you’ve saved up enough to finally buy your own place and move out of your parents’ house. Yay! Congratulations!

Living alone can be really exciting. You get all the freedom you want, you can dance like nobody's watching (because there really is no one watching!), and most importantly, no pants! But all the good things aside, there can also be a few setbacks. Like when you can’t find something, you can no longer yell out “MUM! WHERE’S MY WHITE SHIRT?” or have someone cook for you when you’re hungry. You have to do all of these on your own now!

But don’t worry, here are some tips on how to turn inconvenient situations and difficult chores into something you can easily deal with.

Can’t reach items on a high shelf?

Use a set of tongs to help you take items you can’t reach! (#notshort #funsize).

Source: Kitchen Stuff Plus

Want to enjoy a glass of wine but can’t finish the whole bottle?

Store your leftover wine in a mason jar. But make sure to close it tight so no air gets in. This will allow you to keep your wine for another week!

Source: Food52

Use a rubber band to open a tight jar.

It’s super simple, just wrap the rubber band around the rim of the lid.

The rubber band provides friction, making it easier for you to open the jar (You are strong and independent!).

Source: Martha Stewart

Turn up the volume and sing your heart out by using a bowl as a sound amplifier.

This amplifies the volume because the sound bounces off the interior of the bowl (Sorry, neighbours).

Source: Bobvila

Shake unfinished soda before putting it in the fridge.

Doing that helps keep the fizz in the soda, so that it will not go flat so quickly.

Difficulties putting on a bracelet?

Use tape to keep one side of your bracelet in place while you try to put it on

(Gets you out of a sticky situation).

Source: Huffingtonpost

Use peppermint oil to keep rodents away.

Rodents are sensitive to smell, and peppermint oil is highly concentrated which helps to keep them away (We’re not mint to be together).

Source: Ohsimply

A bay a day, keeps the cockroaches away

Bay leaves are believed to be a natural repellent because cockroaches do not like the scent produced by bay leaves.

Source: Thespiceguyco

And one of the most important no-brainer to keep in mind…

Install a home alarm system and stay safe! When an intruder tries to enter your home, the alarm will go off, alerting you and your neighbours.

Source: Techdissected

We hope you find these tips useful. Enjoy your new-found freedom of living alone!

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